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I got up at 2:30 am and enjoyed every moment of the wedding!

This is amusing! Announcing Lady Doris Bonnie-Cabbagetree! Have only been able to look at the newspaper. Photographs were beautiful.

Lady Petunia did not deign to arise at 4 am but she did watch when her maid woke her at 6.

Lady Blanche Gracie-Highland did not get up early but did watch a bit with her morning coffee.

just the re-runs of the wedding. Very cool!!
I would be Lady Rebecca Marnie-Hummer. Funny!!!

My name when I am introduced to the Royal`s that are receiving is
Lady Sally Nosey-Westminster. I have watched alot of it last night cause CNN had played it again..Honestly they are just the fairytale couple they just look so good together...I got chills when he told her she was beautiful and that he loved her during the cremony...

I love all the names that have come up it is a riot...

oops! I left out a word in my comment (submitted Friday). I meant to say that watching the Royal Wedding live would require getting up much too EARLY (or staying up too late)...

Lady Margaret Lucky-Campbell here for the 1st time and was up at 5:30 and watched the beautiful wedding which took up most of the day and also had a tea party with my grandchildren to celebrate. thank you for a chance to win.

Missed the wedding but saw the reruns on tv. I was in Paducah having fun at the quilt show! :) Much more important than a wedding. :P

My name would be Lady Hazel Spot Behle (pronounced (Bay Lee) Very snobbish! That was fun!

I recorded the wedding and watched it with my girlfriends as part of a wonderful quilting weekend! My royal wedding guest name is Lady Clio Duchess-Verona. Obviously, my lineage is confused. Thanks for the give-away, Erin!

Lady Hilda Cobber-Bellingham here, up at 5 a.m. to watch the Royal nuptials. I even wore my hat with my PJ's to get into the spirit. 3 cups of tea - de rigeur, don't you know! Beautiful couple and very elegant dress

Yes, I went to a local English eatery at 4:30 in the morning with my friends to watch the wedding!!!! It was awesome!
My royal name is Lady Colleen Laura Paul Byrne!!

A bit late but my name is Lady Dosha Blackie-Wrightsville. I did not watch the wedding as I'd just had surgery on my Right hand! How long until I can sew? Not long I hope.

Lady Geertruida Colette Troelstra

I loved the royal wedding and watched all of it. Didn't need to get up at 2 am because I live in Holland and there is only 1 hour difference in time between the UK and here.

What a beautiful couple. Loved the dress.

Lady Betty Friday-Portage was not able to watch the wedding because she was on her way to see another royal wedding of Princess Jessica and Prince Josh of Santa Rosa Beach. Our wedding was dripping in sunshine and love.

mmm...Lady Else Mickey-Foster. :)

No wedding watching for me....I did enjoy seeing some of the blurbs about
it, however.

Enjoyed reading all the names!

Lady Glenette Samarella-Wheeler chose to watch the re-run of THE WEDDING, as getting up at 6am would positively ruin her beauty sleep. (And she needs all she can get!)

Lady Ruth Fluffy-Conner here! Indeed I watch all of it, in the wee hours of the morning since my invite must have been lost in the mail! But I ate Bangers and enjoyed it all!
Loved loved pippa'a dress! And the final get away car with the ribbons was a scream true young adults doing it their way! I wish them all the luck in the world for the throne!

My Son and I watched the wedding, it was beautiful.
My guest name is Lady Maude Sebastian-Cartwright Lol :-)

I watched the morning news for wedding re-runs. Much too late for me to stay up.

I am Lady Elizabeth FiFi-Delmar, please pass the tea and biscuits!

It is with great pleasure to ensure you that I, Lady Elizabeth Nelly 1st, did indeed leave my parlor in the wee hours of the morning to watch the Royal wedding. Unfortunately, I see, I was terribly late in the opportunity to win the wonderful gift.

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