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Lady Mary Ginger Webster did watch parts of the wedding and taped the entire coverage.

Didn't get up to see it but I'm planning on catching up with the video re-runs.
Lady Isobel Valkura-Franklin

My husband is going to work at 5 am and this time I started watching the ceremony on television, I like to learn something about world culture. I think in the 21 st century monarchies should not exist.
Mine is "Lady Julia None Seventy-Nine"
Thank you very much

I caught the end of the wedding but just finished watching the re-run. Her dress was stunning!

I put it on to watch a little bit of it, but fell asleep before I saw anything interesting. My royal name is Lady Ruth Splinter-Electra.

Lady Albertine Buffer Phelps here. I live many,many time zones away from England. I did enjoy the reruns. I remember watching the wedding of William's father. It was with a dear friend in still another time zone. Thanks for the chance to win Kay Buckley's Perfect Stems. I love her circles and scissors too.

I had to drive someone to a chemo appointment this morning (I am a volunteer driver) so I slept through the live broadcast but watched it in re-runs at the hospital. A few of the nurses were dressed up in wedding finery! Wish I had known of the name game - that would have been fun too. My name is Wilhelmina Maximus-Parkdale. Just saying it makes me lift my nose in the air!

Thanks for the give-away. I haven't come across the Perfect Stems yet, I will have to watch out for them.

I was able to watch the ceremony and the kisses on the balcony. They make such a lovely couple. My guest name would be Lady Fiesta. Thank you for the chance to win.

This is fun, Erin! I'm on the West Coast, so to watch live was too (or late!) for me. I, Lady Susan Duchess-Gaines ;-) , have been watching the re-runs this morning. Lovely.
Thank you for this bit of fun.

I watched it live all day long In work today! We here in Ireland may say we have no interest in monarchies, but I can tell you every last person in that hospital- patient and employee- was totally riveted.

And my royal name is utter trash as nothing sounds good double barrelled with 49th =(

I did not watch the royal wedding - I live in Alabama and we have not had power for 2 days!

I turned the TV on this morning to watch the news and was treated to the exit from the church and entrance to Buckingham Palace. Kate was beautiful and William look very "dashing" in his uniform. My guest name would be Lady Dorothy Princess-Paula. Hows that for confusing

Get up at 3 AM? On a work day? I did it 30 years ago but we've got DVRs now. I'll watch the recording tonight or over the weekend.

My guest name would be Lady Hendrika Spot-North 29th which is kind of weird. It would sound much better with the name of the development we moved to when I was in high school. That would make it Lady Hendrika Spot-Westview.

I have no interest in the royal wedding. The Monarch hasn't been cool since King Henry the 8th or his daughter Queen Elizabeth.

Lady Elizabeth Brutus McDonald

I prefer the reruns, but I did see the balcony stuff live.

I saw bits and pieces of it. But I did see the kisses. It's a good thing they went a second time, the first one was a bit skimpy! ;-)

I am Lady Mary Rusty-Colfax and I didn't attend the wedding. I was sleeping do to the fact I spent the whole day yesterday at the AQS Quilt Show in Paducah, KY. and was exhausted. I just looked at some pictures, does that count.

I have never heard of Perfect Seams. Are you going to demo or should I just look it up on the internet?

Oops, I forgot! Lady Edna Jasper McIntosh here! LOL

I did not get up to watch the wedding watching the re-runs.

an edit from Lady Mary Rusty Colfax. I think I am still sleeping. I do know about Perfect STEMS like you wrote as you already showed them to us. I don't know where I read Perfect SEAMS??????

Greetings from the UK and Lady Mary Pepys-Kelvinside! I was determined not to watch, but succumbed to a few minutes at the end of the service and their trip in the landau. It was a beautiful dress...but in fairness to Diana, hers was of its time, the Eighties.

I would love to win this gift!
Much more than if I were the bride :)
Not interested in marriage, yet they have already got tired of hearing about it.
Did I ever said I love your work? :)
a hug from Brazil

You betcha I watched the wedding started @3am PDT!! Loved the kisses x2 on the balcony...worth the wait!! My wedding guest name is, Lady Grace Blossum Cedarlane! Sounds so very royal huh??

I did not get up early to watch the wedding. I've seen some pictures on the internet and enjoyed a montage of hats most of all. I've seen and heard enough though and would like to move on. I would be Lady Jean Stinky-State

Lady Anna shook woodruff here
I slept too but watched all morning
How I would love the perfect stems!

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