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Of course my favorite thread is Aurifil! I've used it for at least ten years... back when it was only $5 for a medium-sized spool! I have the jumbo cone size in white, beige and dark beige for all my machine piecing. I use brighter colors for free motion quilting too. It's wonderful stuff any way you want to use it. Thanks for this nice giveaway, but boo-hoo, the first commenter never wins.

I Love Aurifil!! I'm a machine appliquer, long-arm quilter & embroiderer. I've used every size that they offer...Beautiful thread in all my projects!!

I agree. Aurifil does the job nicely!

I don't really have a favorite thread, but I am learning that thread definitely makes a difference. Good old Coates and Clark is still in my thread drawer, but it certainly produces more lint that others. My LQS carried Mettler and it comes off the spool very nicely and much less lint. I have also tried some of the Superior large spools and they are a great value. I have yet to try Aurifil. This would be a great chance. Thanks for the opportunity.

I definitely prefer Aurifil for all my machine sewing... I use old Coats & Clark for basting circles as the thread is actually bigger and easier for me to see and for all my hand applique I use Invisifil. It definitely disappears into the applique and is hard to see. I would love to have some of the smaller spools of Aurifil for applique.

I must say my favorite thread is indeed Aurifil. It leaves less lint in my machine and doesn't take up as much room in my seam allowances making my piecing more accurate. Hope you are feeling better!

I am such a thread novice... I use whatever I have on hand that is the right color! I do love a nice silk to applique with because it is so fine and sinks right into the fabric. I actually use all the same color when I'm using silk because it doesn't show so it doesn't matter!

Aurifil is my choice for machine piecing. For hand applique I use Superior threads Kimono silk. It is #100 quite strong and comes is 80 colors.

My favorite thread I still didnt find it. I cant find the Aurifils here in Belgium, but I would like to try them.

I too love Aurifil threads. My dream is to own every color they make. Thank you for all your good tips, I really enjoy reading all you have to offer. Norma

I'm sorry you weren't feeling so great this week, I glad you had an opportunity to rest. I mostly use Metler 60 and YLI silk for handwork. And Presencia 60/3 for piecing. But recently I discovered Superior Kimono silk 100, I love it! It runs through my applique work like butter.

I,too enjoy Aurifil threads. Use for all my quilting. I like the fine silk threads for applique, when I can find them.

I'm glad you are feeling better. I like Aurifil as well, particularly for piecing. I like King Tut for quilting, but I have a little bit of trouble with their larger spools. I'm loving what you have on your design wall.

I'm still learning about threads....

I use Mettler 60wt and DMC Machine Embroidery thread 50wt, for all of my hand applique. I have used Aurifil for machine piecing and ofcourse like everyone else, loved it. I only have it in one color so I haven't yet been able to try it with my hand applique. We missed you here on your blog. Glad you are feeling better.

Hi Erin,
For piecing and applique I fell in love with Aurifil @ 3 or 4 years ago when a shop owner loved it so much she gave me a spool to test for her. I went home and threw all my other thread away. When it wasn't so readily available for some of my applique I used silk 100wt silk thread.BTW....Congrats on the Quilters Home bloggers award too!

I use silk for my applique. I was shown by some great appliquer's when I started and have used it ever sence. It all ways seems to work fine and is so invisable when it's done.

I'm with you on the Aurifil 50 wt and the Mettler 60 wt --those two are really nice to work with. I also like DMC 50 wt and YLI silk 100 wt. I find that I don't much care for Presencia 50 wt, as it tends to fray and break too much. Glad you're feeling better.

I use YLI threads in off white to grey, but would love to start on a collection of Aurifil!

Aurifil is my favorite, no doubt! I first started using it in machine quilting and now use it for my one applique per year (a community quilt). It's the best!

Thank you, Joanna

I haven't tried Aurifil yet, I need to see if it's available from any of my LQS's. My favorite thread so far to use for applique has been Superior's Bottom Line. It's thin and I like that I can buy assorted colors in bobbins, which means I'm not buying a whole spool of thread for just 4 flowers.

Thanks for the opportunity to try Aurifil!

I don't do that much handwork in applique, so I don't have a favorite - sofar... If I now tried, I'd probably use Masterpiece because I use it also for piecing - and because Aurifil is not so well known in Finland.

I'm new to quilting and am only using what is available to me. I have yet to see this in stores. I would love to see what the difference is. Thanks for being so generous with your patterns & giveaways!

I've been using Mettler 50 wt. 100% cotton for machine piecing/quilting for years, but after reading everyone's positive comments on Aurifil, I am definitely going to have to give it a try.

Mostly use Mettler's because it's what I started with and have a large supply. Would love to try the Aurifil.

Terry in So. Calif.

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