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Beautiful pattern

Gorgeous! Found you through design wall Monday at Judy's!

Love the applique pattern!

I love the colors. So bright and cheerful!

I LOVE the applique! I've not done any in years. This might bring me out of applique retirement! Thank you! Toni

Love what's on your design this morning. Your work is so beautiful!

Wow, I really love this combination of flowers! You're doing a fantastic job!

I really do love your work. The colors are always perfect. This is a great pattern and I can't wait to see the finished product. this is going to sound stinky, but is quilting "all" you do? Do you have an outside job? I can't imagine being as prolific as you are. I dream of it.

Love what's on your wall. Wouldn't that make a great quilt border? Oh, no, another applique idea!

The flowers sure made me smile and think that spring must surely be on the way. I picked up some glue baste it while at the quilt show in Paducah last week and can't wait to try it for my applique. Thanks for all your tips :)

I just love the new design wall flowers it is going to be gorgeous!!
I have come back to read the names that were added it is a hoot!! we would have had a great time introducing ourselves with these names that is for sure.
congrats to the winner hopefully she will let us know how she likes those wonderful stem makers...
Thanks for being so giving Erin you are great quilter and designer

Those are such lovely blocks. They remind me of some 30's tulip squares I've seen before, but with bright, modern colours. Love it.

Beautiful blocks!

Love the bright flowers on point!!

Love the new pattern! And I love those two fabrics in the lower right corner - the zigzag and the flowers.

Yes! I watched the Royal wedding! Not as fab as Id hoped, but I loved her dress! And those crazy hats! Whats that all about?
My guest name is Dagmar Pookie-Blaine

I forgot to mention that I
LOVE, LOVE, LOVE! this basket tutorial!
Thankyou so much!

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