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How neat and super creative which I guess is saying the same thing but really!!!

Erin, gracias por las explicaciones para hacer esta bonita amapola. Un beso

Great tutorial. I think you're a mind reader - I have just been looking at this block http://www.quilterscache.com/A/AmishDahliaBlock.html today and wondering how to make the petals more puffy, I think your tutorial just solved my problem. Many thanks :)

Very creative Erin!

Erin, Very pretty. I read the other day that applique pieces should be placed on the bias. I've always just placed it wherever I liked. Have you ever noticed a difference?

Beautiful! They would also make a pretty brooch!

This is gorgeous Erin. Here's one I want to try one day soon. Dimensional petals for lilacs. I even dyed a bunch of suitable fabrics last fall.


Very cool- a great idea, thank you for the inspiration and the great tutorial


Can't wait to try this technic.

Such a clever idea, Erin. Now to think of a project where I can use it :-))

Very cool! Love it!

Super cute. Yo-yo's would be great for the dimensional centers too!

I love your appliques. I wish that I was patient enough to make something like that. thanks for sharing your talents.

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