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Beautiful. Thank you

The soul of the artist shines through, and it is pure and pretty and uplifting art. Thank you.

Thank you once again Erin!

It is so pretty!

Thank you Erin. :)

Another wonderful block! Thank you Erin.
I've finished all 4 blocks & could hardly wait for the 5th. I'm a happy camper (literally) going camping on Tuesday with my applique all packed & ready to stitch. Yipeeee.

This is just beautiful Erin! I love the tall tail feathers. Thank you so much for these!!


Thanks again, Erin, for a beautiful block and your appliqué tips.

I just found this site and Im wondering why I didnt know about it before! I immediately downloaded your Tweets patterns and have been browsing your blog. In looking at your applique tips I see how you iron over your templates and want to know what kind of template material do you use? What I have melts and makes a huge mess if you iron it.

Hi Lisa,
I use Templar and I can get it from my local quilt store or from Karen Kay Buckley (link on right side of blog)

Thank you, I"ll look for it.

I am assembling block 2 and noticed that there is no 'cone' on the heads of the birds. But the other blocks each have one for the birds. Is there some significance in this. I noticed it only because those little doo-dads were a challenge to sew on. I decided to applique one piece and not three little pieces.

Do you have any tips on how to get the folded points to stay under the leaf when you prepare them with starch? I can turn under easy with needleturn, but like the precise edges of the starch. Do you snip somewhere?

Blessing, Brenda

when we finally get all the blocks are you going to post the boarders as well??? ...send me an answer on my e-mail thanks

I've been following your Tweets and I love every block, and I love your color choices.
I have not been able to download block 5. When all the other blocks came out, I downloaded them with no problem, but after I had the problem with block 5, I went back to see if I could still download the others, and I couldn't get them, now, either.
Any ideas, and is anyone else haveing a problem?
Lisa in Alabama

i follow your blog since i discover it, i think your work is so beautiful! bless you for sharing it with the rest of the world.
my small question what is the material that you use for the patterns - you iron it and it doesnt burn. please let me know. thanks.
Becky ezra
the netherlands

Very nice all the blocks.Beautiful work.

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