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Oooooooo.....a good summer read? How about Fire Fly Beach by Luanne Rice. One of my favorite books and ideal for the summer!
Wish me luck!

I just finished reading "Juliet" by Anne Fortier. It's a fictional piece about a modern day Juliet learning the history of the real Romeo and Juliet.

Congratulations on being in the QH list! I'd heard about the list but didn't know you were in it until now. Well, that's why I need a copy of the magazine to read for myself! Thanks for the chance to win.

Congrats! Way to go Erin!

YAY YOU! It is completely deserved. Now, for a summer reading list. The entire Number One Ladies Detective Agency series by Alexander McCall Smith. Delightful! I may have to reread them myself this summer. His other series didn't appeal to me so much, but this one is terrific.

Congratulations! Yours is one of the few I check on a regular basis. You've got my vote!

congrats to you! I just looked up the list on line and printed it out so I can look through the blogs they list and see if I can find some new favorites - I think on the list they have I actually only read about 3 of them.

Congratulations. I know I read your blog every day. I just wish I were as productive as you are with my quilting.

Congratulations! I read your blog every day. I have found so much information and I learn something new very frequently. It does not surprise me that yours is considered one of the best. I wish you continued success in all your ventures.

complimenti! ammiro il tuo blog e ti seguo sempre! incrocio le dita per essre fortunata!!! a presto!

Congratulations !!!! I love your blog it is among my top 3 I check it everyday and look forward to it!!!!! Thanks so much for all you share with us your instructions and designs are awesome.

Oops sorry favorite summer reads Mary Kay Andrews books all set in the south low country funny and just perfect for summer

Your blog is #1 for me! Congratulations Erin! My recommendation is The Forgotten Garden by Kate Morton. I finished it MONTHS ago and am still thinking about it. I think I am going to have to read it again!! It has mystery and romance - no better combination!!

Your blog and a cup of coffee is my morning "newspaper", as for summer reading, how about a childhood classic, "Jane Eyre".

Way to go! I check your site out every day, best reading material I can find!

Anything by Jane Austin. You can never get tired of Jane Austin! Congratulations Erin! Your blog is the first blog I have ever followed and it definitely deserves to be in the top 55, but for me it is #1. Thanks for all you do. I am inspired everyday.

Your blog is one of the most beautiful, clear and didactic I know. Your work is beautiful and deserves our admiration.
A hug from Brazil

I picked up "The Seamstress" just because of the title and really enjoyed it! (My daughters think it's hilarious that I pick books just because of the titles, but hey, I've found some good ones that way!)

Okay so one of my all time favorite books is "Down the Common." It is about the year in the life of a Medieval woman. The worst part about the book was that it ended! I wanted to know what happened next! I HIGHLY recommend this book! Congrats on the magazine coup!

Diana Gabaldon's "Outlander". There is a whole series, but this one (the first) has been read over and over again. In fact, one backpacking trip I had read about half of it, when my mom wouldn't quit nagging me about reading faster so she could read it. I tore the soft cover book in two pieces and gave my mom the first half while I finished the second half.

Congrats, Erin! Your blog has taught me so much! Thank you, thank you.

OK, summer reading: Moby Dick. Honest. And don't laugh. It's incredible reading! It takes some concentration, but the chapters are short and make for taking in one or 2 at a sitting. Very rewarding on many levels!


Congratulations! I'm not surprised, your blog is like visiting a candy store. So much pretty stuff to absorb. Books? I e-read via my Zune while I quilt, and am currently "reading" Dawn Patrol by Don Winslow. Very unlikely premise for me, but I thought it would be fun for summer. The Dawn Patrol is a group of surfers who surf every morning. A couple are police. There's going to be murder and mayhem, which is my type of reading material. So far, so good!

congrats to you! The last thing I read was The Hunger Games series (3) it was a pretty good read and even my husband read the whole series in 3 days! And he is NOT a reader :)

Congratulations! I love reading anything by Karen Kingsbury or Mary Higgins Clark. Great summer read.

Congratulations. Your blog is wonderful and I have learned so much from you. Thanks. I recently fell in love with Alan Bradley's books about 11-year-old Flavia de Luce who is very smart with chemistry and solves murder mysteries and makes me chuckle out loud while reading. The first book is "The Sweetness at the Bottom of the Pie" Fun books.

Congratulations. I love your blog. I have downloaded your florabunda patterns.
The book I have read over and over again is The wheel of Fortune by Susan Howatch. Everytime I read it I like it more. It is a great book based on English history. And of course Outlander (or Cross Stitch in the UK) by Diana Gabaldon is great. It was mentioned by someone els as well.
Happy reading. Greetings from the Netherlands. Marian.

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