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Congratulations! Try reading "Even Catsitters Get The Blues" by Blaize Clements. A murder mystery set in Sarasota area of Florida- all her books are light and entertaining! Sue in Florida

I would start with the newest issue of Quilter's Home :-) then I think I would choose Marie Bostwick's newest novel Threading the Needle. I will be on the lookout for this magazine, unless I win it. Thank you. Take care and God bless, Cory

That is so EXCITING! Congratulations on making the list. :-)

I just finished re-reading The Particular Sadness of Lemon Cake - really a different story but the authors writing and description just captured me again. I'm in the middle of The Historian - an interesting twist on the Dracula story and so far really interesting.

If you love mysteries and haven't already found them, the Monica Ferris books are a quick fun read. The main character is Betsy Devonshire and she is a great "investigator."

Great blogs like yours deserve this honor! I love reading yours and look forward to finding it every time. Great summer read "Cutting for Stone" my all time favorite book, for now. It was so good I had to force myself to put it down so I would'nt finish it too soon. It was great!

Congratulations Erin! You deserve it though. The information you so readily share here is awesome!
I don't subscribe to this magazine and would love to have an issue to read!
You are so generous to share!

Happy Sewing!

Just finished Matched, a new bestseller... wonderfull!

Congratulations. Your blog is wonderful and I have learned much about applique this last year from you! Thank you very much!
Kind regard,
Marijke (Netherlands)

That is awesome Erin AND well deserved, I'm a big fan of your blog.

I have read all the books of Wanda E. Brunstetter and Beverly Lewis. They write about women in Amish communities. I'm intrigued by this lifestyle but above all, there's a lot of quilting going on and I recognize everything they sew (names of blocks) so try one, maybe it will capture you like it did me.

Hug for you,


Ohhh....good summer read, I would say any of Luann Rice's books. A little romance is always good for the summer. I'm also partial to the Benni Harper Mysteries by Earlene Fowler. Congratulations on the honor!

I've got the list of blogs saved to my desktop. I saw yours-you deserve it. You write a great blog!!
For summer, I'm planning on reading Janet Evanovich's newest-"Smokin' Seventeen". I love Ranger, don't you? Hmm..............??

Congratulations!! We're just approaching winter here but I reckon a great read for any time of the year is the Diana Gabaldon series or for a less involved read ie one that won't tie you up too long so you can get back to stitching, is 'A Single Thread' by Marie Bostwick - just finished it and loved it!!

Congratulations on your success. Your blog is also one of my favorites. I learn so much from your tutorials. My favorite Author is Jennifer Chiaverini and her Elm Creek novels. (I'm sure that is a big surprise considering they are all about quilters).

Congratulations Erin. I do not read during the summer because I am off for 2 months so I quilt and garden. Right now I am working on your tweets BOM and I hope to complete the center block during the summer.

Congratulations - a well deserved honor. I loved the book "The Help" by Kathryn Stockett.

Congrats, I smell a lot of new followers ;).
I recently downloaded Unbroken by Laura Hillenbrand to my kindle, this will be one of my summer reads. And of course Jane Austin, because they were free! And after all what's a summer without a little Jane?

I'd love to read this issue! More blogs to read means I can avoid cleaning!

Let's see...I just finished reading Juliet by Anne Fortier. Well, listened to it on my MP3 player, that is. A very good book that keeps you wanting to hear the ending.

Well you deserve it! You work so hard at your blog. I would love a copy of this magazine. I use to subscribe to it but then I had to quit buying any. It was the last to go. :)

Congratulations! I just happened to find your blog today. I can see I'll be spending some time going back through older posts. What I've seen so far is awesome! I've always shied away from doing applique by hand, but I have already found some tips here that will help me. Thanks!

Well done on the top list. I just found your blog today through your tweet blocks.I would love to make this one but alas I must wait. I have way too many projects on the go. I am thrilled to be Elizabeth Bennet. I just love her (didn't cheat or peek either) Happy Stitching. Chris

Fun summer (or anytime) reading would be any of the 'Mrs. Pollifax' books by Dorothy Gillman. A little old lady goes to the CIA and asks to be a spy, and, what a spy she turns out to be. Action-packed, funny and full of travel and fun characters. I think that there are 13 in all.

I like to reread favorites in the summer. How about Susan Vreeland's 'Girl in Hyacinth Blue'

Congratulations. You should be at the top of the list for your fabulous blog and all the wonderful designs you so generously share.

estoy leyendo DUMA KEY de S.KING me encanta aca es otoño y estoy feliz por ello un beso desde Argentina

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