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I always bring sewing when I travel. I love having small portable projects with me the problem is that I get into the car and have to stop at all new stores that I have never been to and spend so much time chit chatting that I hardly get a thing done. Not to mention I carry everything in one of the plastic bins and threads and needles and pins are all over the place and shift with ever bump in the road.

I take my sewing anytime I travel and am not driving. that is when I get a lot of my havd work done! I love that I can sew at home or on the go!

it took me close to 4 years to have 500 - most of those were in the last two years. Congratulations. I would love the little organizer.

Of COURSE I take my sewing. Appliqué is the easiest to take and I am madly trying to get June's block glued down and July' potential fabric chosen to take with me so I can work on things while I am "on mountain time" out in Colorado (away from my machine and my sewing room in a tiny cabin nestled in the National Forest). In the past I have taken a crazy quilting project that is still not finished, but this year I am all about the appliqué.. I have May glued, June cut out and July fabric chosen for Tweets, as well as the border strips and about a third of the appliqué pieces for an appliqué border I am working on along with the rest of the fabric, my Clover iron and my starch all set aside ready to go. Now I should go pack some more!

I always have a project on the go that is small enough to go with me. :) Scissors, thread, thimble and I am ready. :)
Love Vera Bradley...bought the rolling overnight bag just for my sewing machine!

I always have applique ready to take with me when I go somewhere. Friends and relatives will ask me if I am sick if I dont have something to work on when I go somewhere.

I have read all 500 posts! Thanks Erin I'm so happy to be one of your "cult" members LOL! I've learned so much! I take my applique pieces everywhere with me, you never know when you can steal a few moments to turn your applique!

I always have a project or 2 with me whenever I travel. Your applique carrier has been to several states already!

Unlike most of you, I really don't take any sewing along with me when I travel. I always take quilting books and magazines...so it's doing my travels that I get inspired to do more quilting projects. I too love Vera Bradley bags and accessories.

My sewing is my trusty companion ... I go. It goes ;-)

Congratulations on your 500th posting! What a treat to wake up and see this prize on your blog too!

I always take along something when traveling, that involves sewing. For several years it was English paper piecing hexes for a Grandmother's Flower garden quilt. I could even work on them while the vehicle was moving. We have not traveled for over two years now, but if we did, I know I would take along something to sew on. And a good book too. :)

I wouldn't leave home without my sewing.
Either applique or some other type of handwork.

A traveling project is an absolute must. I generally have a Hawaiian applique project with me. Congrats on your 500th posting, great job.

I always have a hand work project with me when I travel. My husband and I went away for a one night overnight stay for our aniversary last week, and I didn't pack anything because I knew I wouldn't have the time. It felt strange not packing my travel sewing.

Congratulations on a terrific blog! Yours is one that I make sure I visit daily.

I always bring SOMETHING to do with me when I travel. I would go crazy otherwise. Thanks for the lovely chance. And your arms are fine. After all, they are connected to your fingers, and your fingers to the most amazing and wonderful things.

Wow, it's been a fun ride reading your blog. I've learned so much! I just can't get enough of your wonderful patterns. By the way, the dimensional daffodills are so cute! They are my favorite flowers!

Yes, I love taking any kind of hand work with me wherever I go. It passes the time when I'm waiting or is a good conversational tool. I probably get more done when I travel than at home:) And don't forget those wonderful quilt retreats! In fact, I'm leaving for one this Sunday and will be creating your "Miss Debbie" wall hanging. I can't wait!!
Once again, thanks for all you do on your blog for all of us out there to enjoy. You're the best!

I always take some hand-piecing with me and also my current sock. I find that I get a lot done when I'm a passenger in the car and when I'm waiting for things to happen. I also bring some hand work into meetings.

I have several Vera Bradley bags (I got bitten too by the Vera bug), but not the organizer..

Wow,500..wonderful accomplishment!!

It would be like leaving my right arm at home if I didn't have a project with me. I even keep an extra one stashed under the seat of my car, you know in case I get stuck in stand-stil traffic or something. I never work on that one because I always have my current one with me. I'm preparing three projects now to take with on my travels this summer. One main one and two backups. Well, I might finish the main one (LOL) and then I would really be in trouble. ;)

I too always have some sort of handwork with me. It is usually redwork, but sometimes tatting. My hands need to be busy at all times (and I don't mean housework!!) I finally have found a good way to carry my tatting, but not something that I REALLY like for the redwork. Take Care!

I also take some kind of Sewing, knitting, crochet, Reading that I can do when I travel.

Oh yes -- I have to hand some hand sewing with me all of the time. I have one project that lives in my car just in case I'm stuck somewhere.

Erin, I have a little plastic container, that will fit in my purse, and I take it everywhere. I have a tiny pin cushion, tiny scissors and I precut my fabric so it is ready to sew. Love your blog!

Yes! I take my sewing with me when I travel. Right now, I am organizing some embroidery for my 2 week vacation at the beach!
I LOVE the organizer!

I try to take my hand applique with me when I travel and am always looking for the perfect bag to organize everything in!

I definitely take my applique with me when I travel. My husband just retired and we bought a "new to us" 5th wheel. There is a lot to do, getting out trailer ready, before we can hit the road. But I must confess, I spend a LARGE amount of time preparing my applique to be ready to hit the road. I love being organized and your organizer would be AMAZING! Congratulations Erin on your 500th blog post. That's a whole lot of "makin people happy"!

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