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Congratulations on your 500th blog post!
I, too, always carry handwork with me when I travel, and would love to have the pattern for the organizer bag. Thanks for the opportunity.

I always take my hand work with me when I travel. I like being very originized and I am always looking for ways to do this.

I love a good road trip and I never leave home without some sort of sewing project to make my trip more enjoyable.

I am on a trip right now! And, indeed I have my June My Tweets with me. This one of my favorite projects. Thanks, Erin for the design.

Definitely, I love to have a project to take with me when we travel. Usually it consists of quilts to bind, but since finding your site, I've found a new love in applique. And that little organizer would look so cute in my sewing bag! I look forward to 50,000 more blogs to come (no pressure there!). Keep up the great work, Erin!

I take my machine to quilting retreats. It went with me to college as well. Congratulations on your 500th post.

I take my applique projects with me EVERYWHERE (except the movies -- too dark!). I even take them to work and work on them during break! Congrats on the 500th! That's awesome.

Always take something when traveling!! Usually applique or hand embroidery!

And have used my black Vera bag as a purse for years, interior of car is black so I can leave in the car and no one knows :)

Wow 500 posts that is Awesome!! I love your blog. I am just getting into applique and that would be amazing!!!!

Congratulations! I love your blog and all your applique tutorials. They are very helpfull. I´m am a "stitch wherever I can" girl and I would love to win!

Gosh, I wish I had this when I was appliqueing a quilt I made for my 90 yr old mother! It sure would have been much better than using the little plastic containers I had to use for my supplies when traveling with my husband. Since he works on the road, I always try to take hand work with me to keep me occupied.

I always need to have some sort of needlework with me when I leave home. It is usually an applique block. I also knit. Socks are small and only need one skein and a five tiny needles to complete. I actually just use a clear plastic baggy now to carry my needlwork. Not very attractive! If I am somewhere away from home I seem to get nervous, just sitting. Keeping my hands busy is therapy for me. It really helps!

Looks exactly like the kind of organizer I am looking for for years! LOL. I love bags and organizers and have loads of different projects at the same time going, so I need a lot!

Happy 500th post! I always have a take along project with me.

I always take some sewing along, although I don't always have a chance to look at it until I get home. Love the giveaway!

I always have a project with me when I travel - even if it's just to work or Mom & Dad's house. I currently have several hexagon projects but I also carry stuff that needs binding or my tatting with me.
Have a great weekend!

Super Congrats! Your post is funny. I thought I was the only person that had camera issues when it came to shooting the arms. I'm convinced its the angle. I totally take my sewing with me. I'm a big hand-piecer so I have a stitching book to layout my piecing and… for shame I use this christmas cookie tin for all my tools. At applique class I have a separate christmas cookie tim. To keep the lids tight… get ready to laugh - or gag - I tape them with masking tap. It's very white trashy but a girl does what a girl has to do!

Congratulations on your 500th blog post.
I always take my appliqué and cross stitch with me, when travel It is a perfect organizer, and sure I will love to win it!

I take my applique everywhere I go. I leave earlier in the morning and there is a terrace at work where I will sip my green tea and work on my precious blocks. I have met many wonderful strangers as they come by or sit at the same table and ask questions about quilting. They let me know that their aunt, mother, or MIL also quilts.
I also have learned to bring the whole pattern picture since people are not able to think what the finished quilt will be.
I love what Lori said about making a whole lot of people happy, it is so true you have a great blog and your tuts are fantastic, your patterns are collectors items that will be cherished forever.
Your organizer would be wonderful to show off to the many strangers I meet everyday...please put my name in the draw. thanks again for being you

Happy 500! Yes, I usually travel with a sewing project. Lately, it has been EPP hexagons. Addicted!

Beautiful bag! Congrats on your 500th post!!! Yes, I do take my sewing with me when I travel. I try to find the biggest tote I have and then seperate the small projects by plastic grocery bags and ziplock bags. For the things like scissors and rotorary cutters I pack them in Glad (Tupperware) type containers. I do not travel with my sewing machine...yet.

I sure do take my sewing with me when I travel! :D

Congrats on the 500 posts! May there be many more to come!

I always bring a sewing project along. No matter if its somewhere i know i will have to wait or going away on a trip. I feel naked without my sewingstuff.

I spend 3 months at our Montana Cabin and lots of stuff travels with me. I have even been building a stash at the cabin. On short trips I always take something as well. I'm so glad I discovered applique as it makes a fine traveling companion.

Yes, of course I take my sewing with me when I travel. I have to admit, last six months I have My Tweets with me on the road. While DH drives me safely through the country, I do my applique on the blocks of My Tweets. Also when I travel by train I take some sewing stuff with me. Congrats on your 500th post, I read most of them, as I follow you for at least two years. Thank you for the beautiful BOMs you gave us!

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