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siempre llevo conmigo mis costuritas, es lo primero que cargo en la valija aun antes que los zapatos jaaaaa felicidades por tus 500 post

I am not a big traveler, but I have a long road trip coming up soon, and will be sitting in the car for hours and hours on end.. I now need to plan what to take along with me to keep me busy to make the time pass quickly.. and to not think about the fact that I have to pee.. LOL

I always try to take a project with me. Sometimes it gets worked on and other times it stays in the bag but I am always prepared. Love the idea of using a hanging organizer@

Absolutely, I take my applique with me. I'm the woman in the restaurant who picks up the toothpicks (for turning under those tricky points)! Congrats on #500.

I would go nuts if I didn't take something sewing along with me! I just need to quit procrastinating until the last minute to get things together.

ABSOLUTELY! I never leave my sewing at home. My folks live on the lake in Minnesota - a 10 hour road trip from Kansas City. Nothing more relaxing while traveling than a nice, hot, strong cup of coffee and a stitching project. Congratulations on your 500th blog post. I love this blog!

Wow, 500, congrats Erin! It's like you & I are chatting when I read your blog.I always take my applique with me, have it packed for our camping trip on Tues. I take my sewing machine, too. This trip I have to sew the binding on a king size quilt that I quilted last winter. I wouldn't be a "happy camper" if I had to leave my applique behind.
The only place I don't take it is to church. My DH says it's permentnately attached to my hands.
Have my tweets block 6 nearly finished & I'm working on Miss Kelly. Love it,love. Keep up the good work, don't know how you get it all done! Take care.

Wow 500th blog post, that is great Erin.
I applique in the car all the time.
When we go on vacation I always prepare blocks to take. I put all of my supplies in a large ziploc bag and am ready to go.
The organizer is a great idea.

Never travel without some hand work! That's what keeps us sane! LOL

Sure, sewing things always in my bag, but now that I have many medical appointments.
Sew relaxing and makes time pass faster, but if it is holiday travel do not have anything, just want to meet and eat a lot ...

What a silly question. Of course I do...my husband just shakes his head when he sees me getting ready to go somewhere with him.
HIM: are you ready?
ME: yes, just getting my stitching together.
HIM: we are just running into the hardware store!
ME: yes dear, I know but I can stitch on the way in and if I have to wait for you I have something to keep me busy.
HIM: walks away smiling and shaking his head.
note: after almost 41 years he has almost given up, but secretly I think he loves that I do it!

Congratulations on your 500th blog post!! I have you on my RSS Feeds!!

I ALWAYS take my stitching with me. We travel quite a bit during the summer for the business that we own and I would go crazy without it. I am always looking for something to put my stitching in that will work well and not take up a ton of space.

I used to ALWAYS take along a sewing project. Now, not so much.

If I am not driving, yes! I love to get some stitching time in, but it's working out of something horribly primitive like a shopping bag and not like your super swanky hanging organiser...now why didn't I think of that...it's simply beautiful and I know my stitching would be with a lighter heart.

Congrats on a new milestone Erin. I really love visiting your blog. And although I fell of the bandwagon after block 1, I really appreciate you sharing the My Tweets BOM.

Umm I've only taken some hexies along once with me. It was a nice way to keep busy on the plane.

That bag is so wonderful, just like your designs. I love it that all quilters are addicted to the same things, Thanks for the giveaway.

Congratulations on 500 posts, Erin! Of course I always have my hand stitching with me in case I find myself waiting somewhere with nothing to do. Folk are always interested to see what I'm working on too :-))

Hello, aunque soy seguidora tuya desde hace tiempo y me encanta todo lo que haces, hasta hoy no te había dejado ningun comentario.
Pero hoy me decidi al ver esta bolsa tan practica que nos presentas.
Yo cuando voy de viaje si suelo llevar mis cositas de costura e incluso cuando voy a llevar a mi hijo a las actividades extraescolares, mientras le espero en el coche o en algun banco del parque, suelo llevar mi costura y aprovechar a si el tiempo de espera.
Un saludo desde Madrid España

This summer I am flying to NY and driving to Maine and will be taking my knitting with me and not my sewing. I do plan to hit both the yarn stores and fabric shops along the way!

Well what a great idean I would love to win this. I am new to your wonderful blog. I also am quite new to appliqué and am beginning to love it. I am enjoying reading your blog it is wonderful.

If I can't take a project - I don't go....

Hi ,
I take sewing with me too when I travel. I love Vera Bradley also. My daughter got me hooked on this a year ago and now I am addicted!! Love the organizer! I teach applique classes and I would love to have this to carry my supplies in to class.

I enjoyed reading all of yours posts you have done a nice job. Kindly share more information in related posts. You tried to share the best knowledge in easy and a professional way.

I enjoyed reading all of yours posts you have done a nice job. Kindly share more information in related posts. You tried to share the best knowledge in easy and a professional way.

Your blog is the only one that I follow. It makes me happy to return to see what creative, beautiful project you come up with next. Thank you. Your sweet attitude makes me smile. S-

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