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I have a little Black & Decker travel iron that I got at a yard sale that is just perfect for working with the applique pieces. Does a great job.

Rowenta also makes a travel iron that is awesome for small pieces. It comes with its own carrying case. I got mine at Kohls.

Before buying, you might want to check out this Consumer Reports site about steam irons: http://www.consumerreports.org/cro/appliances/laundry-and-cleaning/steam-irons/index.htm

I have no affiliation, just concern about wisely investing my money in an iron.

I love my Rowenta! (I am on my second, but I think my first one was bottom of the line.)

Rowentas were much better made a long time ago than they are now. The quilting forums are littered with people who loved their old ones and then bought a newer model only to be very disappointed. I've had good luck with Sunbeam. Black and Decker, Panasonic, Bosch. The only one that ever sucked was a Rowenta.

that exactly what happened to me few years ago!
i dont think we have rowenta here but i stopped using the inexpensive one, and now i am more then happy with the iron that i iron cloths with. the only disadvantage is - it is too heavy.

Ya but the Rowenta's always leak bad. They are known for it so it frustrates me that they won't fix them!! My Rowenta is now my craft iron, and my cheap iron is my good fabric iron.

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