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I love the flowers, they look just right with the buttons.

Thanks Erin. What sweet flowers.

cute...cute...cute... I love your dimensional flowers.

The buttons were the perfect touch! You always have such great tutorials, you should write a book.

Love it Erin but I can't download drawing - just get black screen.

when ever this happens I find if I refresh my browser it gets fixed

Sew cute!

So sweet! Thank you, Erin.

Cute! The buttons are perfect.

Love it. Love it. Love it. Cheerful and bright. Your applique skills are astonishing!

Wow, those buttons *are* perfect. These tulips are wonderful. Thank you so much for sharing how to make your 3-D flowers. :D

You know what I would do on a dimensional flower quilt of my own with the daffodils? I wouldn't sew the petals down (those made from the plain material, not the checkered one). I saw something similar at a quilt show once and the maker had left many parts "loose". She did sew the back to the quilt, of course (they would fall off o/w!), but she had a fab quilt. It was tempting to 'play' with the dimensional effects, though... maybe that wouldn't be so good.

Just realized I left part of what I was going to say out -- when I said "She did sew the back to the quilt", I meant the back (or end) of the petal. I'm sure you all knew what I meant, but it's best to be clear (something I'm not famous for).

Thank you! This is so very cute too!!! You are so talented!

These are gorgeous, Erin! It's funny because I have used the same buttons (different color) on Gwen's dresses. :)

son una preciosidad!!!!!!!!!!!! me encanta tu trabajo

This is the BEST! I missed it the day it was published ... I'm glad I went back and looked through the last couple of days! Love it! :)

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