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English Paper Piecing (EPP)is truly addictive. I have a bag containing pieces for a Grandmother's Flower Garden (GFG) always ready to go. When my husband wound up in the hospital this past week, I just grabbed my bag and had some hand work to do while I was sitting there with him.
Have fun Erin.

Thanks for mentioning my blog Erin! I used a plastic box that could be divided how I wanted it to be, to carry my hexes when traveling too.
It is easy to come up with different ways to travel with these little gems. :)
Don't say I didn't warn you! lol

there is also a hexagon blog making a quilt from the Vignette magazine using one inch hexagons. Here is the address http://thevignettehexagonquilt.blogspot.com. They are addictive.

Uh oh i think you're in trouble !

YOu are sewwwwww in trouble. I currently have 2 hexie projects going and I have plans on 2 more!

Erin, I'd love to see how you join your hexxies together. I'm really struggling with the whip stitch. I'm better now than my first few attempts, but wow is it ever difficult not to get the whip stitches to show on the front. Melanie makes it look so easy!

I enjoy making hexigons but don't do it very often. I've been working on a GFG for a very long time. I didn't make it scrappy and now I wish I had.

Ok, well here's the deal with me! I tried Hexies and they are ok...but there are ever so many MORE choices. I am going to make stars. In fact, I am enjoying it so much, starting on Saturdays I am going to share my findings. (Like why you should base from the FRONT...the right side!)

Yes, hexies are the perfect take-along porject. I am totally in love with my mini GFG project. I prefer to use card stock and I don't baste through the paper. That way, you can pop the papers out without removing the basting.

Mishka, I think the trick with the whip stitches is to use a thread color that matches at least one of the hexies you are sewing. Only grab a couple threads from each side and make them really close together.

Erin, in your photos it looks like you might be using freezer paper for the hexagons. Is that correct? And are you basting through the papers?

yes and yes

Erin, if you go to www.thevignettehexagonquilts.blogspot.com
this lady cuts her hexagon paper using her Cricut machine using freezer paper, then irons the hexies onto a strip of fabric. It sure would be easier. I don't know which cassett, but I'm going to ask her.

I TOTALLY agree with you Erin!! I've tried many many MANY different hand-sewing projects and NOTHING travels as well as hexies. I TOO have the hexie bug. . and LOVE to buy the relatively cheap Charm packs and make 3" hexies with them!!! Yours look like its going to be beautiful - what are you using there. . . Freezer paper? I havnet tried that techinque, I usually just stick to Cardstock. (old magazine subsciption cards. Everyone knows I collect them, so every now and then someone brings me a HUGE folder full of them. . .YAY FOR PEOPLE WHO LOVE ME!!! ;c) ;c) ;c)

oh and BTW, my EPP project ALWAYS is in the car. I got stuck somewhere the other day for 4 hours. . . I got ALOT DONE!!!!!!!!!

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