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You will be happier with hairy birds.

Erin thank you so much I haven't sewed these bird heads yet thinking that there might be more without hair & these little birds would blend better. But I was ready to add hair on my own. I'm so glad that you decided to give them toupees!! Looking forward to seeing what you come up with and I my birdies will finally conform! VBG

Oh my goodness I didn't catch that.

I sent you an email a couple of months ago asking if there were going to be others with no thingys on their heads or if it was just an over-site. Must have been lost in the ether. I did add some on mine as they looked better :-)

It bugged you? Imagine how they felt -- LOL! They are all so cute, whatever the hairdo :-) Thanks again for your generosity in sharing these tweet patterns.

I thought they were baby birds

Erin, they are just baby birds, my children were bald as well when they were about three months old, well in your case two months (february), so mine are going to stay bald if it's ok with you?

I thought I was just being really picky. If it bugs you, too, then I'm on the right track. My kids tell me I like consistency too much, but these b irds wwere just not fitting in with the others. Glad you are adding top-knots! I will be doing that, also.

I love that they are babies

Oh-oh! Thanks for bringing this to our attention!! Good thing I am waiting to start mine after my PhDs are done!! 8-)
Love your creations!

lol, It bugged me way back when I started cutting the fabric out for this block. Mine already have combs on their heads too. I just couldn't stand the 'bald' heads either!

I noticed before but it doesnt bug me. I am going to keep them bald and have them be the odd ones out. See who spots them being bald. I think no one will. Or they will and not say anything about it LOL

LOL! I almost sent a comment 2 days ago to ask about this! I just figured I'd go ahead and put them on, looked 'odd' to me otherwise. :-) Like the disappeared leaves on the vase in the center block. Looked at it both ways, and went with the leaves. *grin* Thanks so much for all your work on this. I'm really enjoying it a lot more then I thought I would. (trying to improve my appl. skills) ;-)

So who's the friend who told you you have to redo things? (It goes against my principles, but I have done it!)

Oh thank god. I have seriously been losing sleep over this...can you say ocd.....

Now that you have put them all together, I did see it indeed!

LOL, looks like it bothered others too. Since I haven't started yet...I hadn't noticed. *grin* there are good reasons to be late!

you CRACK me up Erin!!!!
They look great though. . . we are our own worst critic!

Yes I noticed that but I added the top knotts to them anyways.......thank you for bringing that to the attention though.

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