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bad time of year for the a/c to go out, yes it is going to be a toasty week for a lot of the US it looks like from the weather map I saw today - hope you get yours fixed soon.

Lovely tonals and solids. Can't wait to see what they turn into.

Colors look great; need more yellow!

Love the fabrics, the colors are wonderful.

I swear you and I are long-lost twin sisters!! At least as far as loving bright fabrics!

Can you give us names of some of the most important fabrics while we can still find them to buy? If you can do that while you go along, I would gladly compile a list of them for the group.

I had a bit of a crisis this morning, over here in the land of Jane Austin. Having dealt with 'it' and the aftermath, I thought "Now just sit down with a cup ot tea and tune in to see if Erin has posted today. That will calm you and take your mind off 'it'."

Well I had to laugh at all the 'toasty' mentions. My crisis? My toaster had caught fire - big time - black fumes, flames, smoke alarm shrilling!

And where have I seen all those lovely colours before now .... Let me think???

you bet

Lovely fabrics. Can you share the theme for the next BOM? I am still working on Floribunda, it is so much fun!

What a lovely rainbow of colours, I wish you send some of your hot weather to The Hague in the Netherland it rains here for over a week now. And it is to wet and to cold here for summer!
have a nice day,

Great colors! Gonna be a fun quilt.

Arent you lucky to get to go to Keepsake! Ive been once in 2006, its my favorite quilt catalog. Have family in Franconia NH, spent childhood summers there.
I also retreat to the basement to sew and escape the heat, not my favorite season. Rather have 10degrees and a foot of snow. Hope you got a new ac, its going to be a scorcher all week here. Im in Denver and its hot.
Lovely fabrics, feeds my inner 10 year old who loves brights!

Yummy fabric!

Love all the colors!

Beautiful fabrics. You are lucky, I really want to go to Keepsake Fabrics.

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