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Cool designs from a 'cool' quilter ;-)
It's so hard to be your creative best when you're melting (or freezing!)

Fab designs, Erin - makes me want to buy a baby Accu-Cut!

Beautiful...love to see what you haved used yours for. I just recently bought some of the flower dies, but haven't had a chance to use them yet. Looks like I need the feather one too! :)

Your designs look great. Is this fusible or can you do needle turn?

can't wait to see how you finish the edges! Love your wall!

Love the designs! I would also love to know if the applique is fusible or needle turn!! Looks like the Go Baby makes applique a bit quicker!

I just these "Pennsylvania Dutch" style appliques!

I see that many people are having dies made for their own designs. If yours were made, I would be very tempted to buy one. I do not especially like several of the ones that are currently for sale.

Great to know this machine will cut wool. love working with wool. Thanks.

Love it! The Go! Baby looks really cool.

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