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This looks like a great idea. I myself was wondering how to make this work with turned applique. Thank you for posting such great detailed instructions. This is such a super site for info.

I use floriani too and was wondering what heat setting you use on your iron? I've noticed that my floriani doesn't seem to stick to my fabric very well unless I use some glue stick first.

I too was wondering how to make this work with the glue stick applique method. Thanks for such clear pictures and text. Definitely like it and think that the Rose of Sharon dies would be a great idea.

thanks so much for this - really valuable. Love your site. vicki from Vancouver Island, BC, Canada

Do you have to cut the background to get the fusible out?


Your work is all so beautiful! Love it all. :)

What fun to use the Floriani with your GO and then do the applique. Looks great!

Thanks for a great post! I've learned quite a bit from the past three days. Love your work!

Looks like I may have to get hold of some Floriani and have a play!! Thank you for all your useful tips and so on!!

Just ordered some Stitch n Wash from Amazon....can't wait to try this. Thanks so much for these last three days....great posts!

Beautiful work. I have another application. Flowers for sock monkey's hair! BTW, I added your link to my blog--you're one of my favorites!!

Beautiful! I never would have thought f turned applique with the Go! Baby!

BTW - I just left an entry for the GO! cutter, but I also wanted to tell you that your blog demos for the GO! cutter have been some of the BEST that I have seen on the web! Thank you for sharing your talent.


Hi Erin,
Does the Floriani make it harder to needle for the applique? I couldn't tell from the pics-you did hand stitch them, right?

I have the Go but it's still in the box. You've given me a reason to start using it.

I couldn't get my fusible web to iron on. What am I doing wrong? Also it wasn't as stiff as I thought it would be; did you double it?

Hola me gustaría saber si el material que usas para las aplicaciones ,se lo dejas ose lo quitas ,yo suelo usar mucho el papel freezer paper un saludo.

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