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A cool drink on the back porch under the maple tree. A breeze helps, too.

Lots of cool drinks, especially ice water. I keep more of the shades drawn than usual, too. And thank goodness, it cools down here enough at night to open the windows then!
Thank you for the opportunity to win the Baby Go. I have enjoyed seeing what you've done with it!

Hot weather survival.. Stay in the A/C. I take a medication for my migraines, and it makes it so that I just overheat in the hot weather, and in the very cold weather I go numb.. so I just stay in the A/C as much as possible, and the heat we have been going through is just rediculous.. I stay INSIDE as much as possible.. it has been unbearable!!

Living in Texas you get used to the heat, but this summer has been particularly brutal and we have re-adopted the afternoon "siesta". We try to do everything we need to do before lunch, then after lunch we read, sew, watch movies, and so forth with a glass of lemonade in hand. Thanks goodness for air-conditioning!

We try to get everything done wither very early or very late in the day. Like everyone else, the A/C is a must. Electricity now rules the world! Without it we could not survive.

I take my beach chair and plop it in the ocean!! It isn't usually unbearable in Maine but we have had a few days that you could have fried an egg on the sidewalk. I know the rest of our country has been in dire straigts with the weather--so I will no complain.

We stay inside as much as possible and keep the shades drawn and the doors closed. Yes, I have turned into my mother because I say "Keep the door closed!" Time has been spent playing games with occasional cleaning. My children love the games, the cleaning not so much.

Stay in the AC, if not in the AC, try to stay near water, and always have a cup of ice!! That is exactly what I will be doing this weekend.

SWAMP COOLERS!!!! They are the only affordable way to cool our house in the summer. They aren't pretty or quiet, but boy do they cool down the house and we live in the high desert of southern California.

I would stay in the pool if I had one,jump in the ocean if I lived near one, but since I can't do either one, I try to stay indoors and thank God over and over that my AC is working.

Getting up before the crack of dawn! Before the sun comes up, it's light enough to see so we can get things done outside before the mercury soars. Our high so far was 117°. After that, 100° felt pretty good!We ranch so escaping the heat isn't really an option. Thank you for the opportunity to win such a wonderful tool!

I would LOVE to win the Go Baby!!! IT is cool! :)
My tips: stay hydrated with lots of water, avoid the heat of the day/stay in the AC as much as possible (it's been over 100 here for who knows how long), and when I have to go out I wear a Kafka Cool Tie from Planet Buff. (I also wear one when I work out.) It REALLY makes a difference!

Ice water. Lots of ice water.

I used to live in Calif. and did not enjoy the heat at all. That's one of the reasons we moved to the Pacific Northwest where the sun is welcome anytime.

AC and ice cream!

Stay inside in the air conditioning, drinking lots of iced non-carbonated drinks (they count as water).

In Texas we avoid the outdoors, at all cost do not go outside! Enjoy a nice air conditioned quilt shop instead!

Ice! In your drinks, in a baggie wrapped with a scarf and tied to your waist or neck. Lots of Ice!

Thank you Erin for this opportunity.


Go to the Lake Michigan beach on the Wisconsin side.
ALWAYS way cooler than just a few miles away!

Luckily, I live on the west coast of Vancouver Island and we don't get much really hot weather. Temps are usually in the mid 70s. If and when it does get hot, I take my sewing or knitting and head to the basement sitting room with a frosty diet cola. Thanks for the chance to win a GO! Baby. It looks like the ultimate quilting tool.

This Texas heat is constant and a little harsher than the norm. It's best to get errands run as early as possible and then stay inside SEWING the rest of the day with the blinds closed trying to conserve as much as possible. I do miss having the light stream in through the house though. The best way to keep the body hydrated is with a ice cold glass of water! Thanks for a chace to win this fabulous tool!

Staying cool in this hot weather: Stay inside as much as you can. If you need to get out, go to a big shopping mall or see a movie in a theater...just remember go to air conditioned malls and theaters!

I stay in the air conditioning to survive this hot weather.

It's air conditioning and iced tea for me!

Our air-conditioner broke down and we were without it for over 24 hours. It made me realize how blessed I am to have AC. Especially here in Texas!! Staying indoors has been a must this summer. But it has given me more time to spend in the sewing room doing what I love!!

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