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One summer, refereeing a swim meet on the cement deck in 122-degree-index of heat with 98% humidity, a Blessed, Blessed "Swim Mom" walked up and draped a Neck Cooler around my neck for me. It was amazing. It stayed cool far longer than you would think, and having coolness on that part of your body really makes your whole self feel better and staves off heat exhaustion in the sun (and make sure you DRINK!!)

Here are a couple of "Tutorial" sites:



Running all errands early in the day before it gets too hot and then staying indoors. I don't live in a really hot climate any longer, but I still remember Oklahoma summers.

so excited! wanna win this one! water is critical, in you and on you. have heard drink warm things in summer and cold in winter.

A couple of trips thru the sprinklers and sitting under the misty-thingies with a fan blowing on you is refreshing! I love your demo applique with the GO! Baby. Fun fun fun!

Drink plenty of water! UV blocking strips on the windows, curtains closed, A/C on. Try to do all of your errands early in the morning or late evening.

A fan in the bedroom ceiling. Could not do without it! And in the daytime, icecream in the shade :).

We haven't had a lot of really hot weather in Utah this year(weird, huh). I mostly try to stay in and utilize the air conditioning. We have also installed ceiling fans in many of the rooms we use the most including my sewing room. I always keeping iced drinking water nearby too. Thanks for a chance on this giveaway! Your examples have been wonderful and inspiring!

When I lived in Fl, it was staying in the a/c for about 11 months out of the year. Here in the Pacific NW you can enjoy the outdoors for many months and only need sunglasses, hat and a bottle of water.

swimming. lots and lots of swimming. then afterwards you have like an hour or so of coolness while your hair dries to do stuff them more swimming

Texas heat this year has been brutal. I drink lots of water and unsweetened ice tea. I only go out when it is absolutely necessary. I saved the best to last - get your husband to do the grocery shopping so you can stay where it is cool and quilt!

Sugar free popsicles.

And slow down. Don't be in such a hurry to do anything.

I find myself eating lots of Italian Ices when it's so hot. I always feel about 10 degrees cooler when I finish one. Great giveaway and I've enjoyed your tutorials on it the last few days. I didn't realize you could still do hand applique with it.

Stay inside with the Ac and sew all day!

I pray for Fall!

Staying inside in the A/C!! Too hot to be outside!

I stay inside with the ac and run the ceiling fans to move the air around. I don't like having the house closed up like this but when the temps are reaching 106 degrees (without the added heat index), the ac is a blessing.

Stay inside and sew!

I used to work outside all day as a flagger - to stay cool standing on the black hot road - I would carry a cooler with cool tap water in it and pour it on the back of my shirt - it would keep me cool for hours as it dryed and if there was even a little breeze it would be even more affective

Oh!, qué ganas de ganarme esa maquinita, he estado siguiendo las cosas que has hecho y me parece genail. ¿que cómo paso el calor?, acá en Chile hace mucho calor en verano y em encanta salir al jardín y tomarme una cerveza bien helada.

Air conditioning and lots of ice water! I'm a teacher and started and ended the last school year with a broken a/c unit at school...here's to hoping it works in a douple of weeks! Thanks for the giveaway...I've had my eye on those!

Dress lightly, move slowly, eat a lot of watermelon :-) and instead of actual quilting, I use the time that is too hot to have all that fabric flowing over you at the machine to do design work and cutting. :-)

When my a/c in my sewing room isn't enough, then I pack up my sewing supplies/project and call my quilt buddies and we head to our favorite quilt store (Fayes Hen House, Mayville, ND) and hang out there for the weekend. Her a/c can't be beat.

Hot weather is unbearable but I think eating cold meals is a good trick to stay cool and it doors help if u have a swimming hole lol thanks for the opportunity to win the go baby ! I really want that hot piece of equipment even if it is the middle of summer!

Lots and lots of ice water. Then a lovely homemade root-beer float in the evening seems to keep things bearable. Of course, air conditioning is what helps me survive!! LOL

Also in my far from you Sardinia we have a very hot weather! We use to stay indoor with A/C in hottest hours of the day, than going to fish, walk near the sea or in the country ^_^ And Saturday and Sunday go to the beach all the day!

Also made mint ice cream with sirup and water, lovely way to refresh the mouth ^_^

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