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Stay in the AC or go to the beach....I live near one of the longest lakes in the U.S.---Lake Chelan,WA---It is the most beautiful place to live!!

I have a ceiling fan directly over my big board for ironing and cutting and a small fan in front of my sewing machine. I try to keep the studio cool enough to work in for a few hours a day.

Well, I'm the odd lady out here because I look forward to the hot weather. I have health issues that are at their very worst in the cold weather. So...because my sewing room is downstairs, even in the summer I have to run my space heater for a while to make it warm enough for me. I will tell you though that my favorite summer activity is sitting out by our tree with the hummingbird feeders and regular feeders and when my hands are feeling good, I sit in the shade with a cold drink and a comfy chair and work on my simple stitchery quilt blocks, while the finches, chickadees, doves and hummingbirds fill the tree and empty the feeders, LOL. So relaxing! Hugs...

I pretend I'm at an old-fashioned tent revival and fan myself with any old piece of paper laying around and calling, "Lourdy, lourdy, it's hot" until my partner brings me a cold glass of ice tea.

Me ME pick ME!

Run a few inches of cold water in the tub, then stand in it with bare feet. Ah!

It seems we all want relief from the heat, but summer will end way too soon! I am already dreading driving on the snow and ice. But I have been known to go to extremes tokeep cool as well. Ifq you don't want the moisture from carrying Ice packs and baggies of ice, those little blue thingys you freeze and stick in a lunchbox work well

I stay inside with all the shades down, lots of Popsicle and sew to my hearts content!

I sip an iced tea while I sew in the cool AC and think how nice it will be when my favorite season (Fall) gets here! : )

At the moment in Australia where I am it is cold wet and miserable, but... summer is not far away, the AC is wonderful, and going for a swim in our local 'swimming hole' is the best way to keep cool.

Having moved from the Chicago area to the Houston area, I have just reversed the seasons. In Illinois, in the dead of the winter, I cocooned in my sewing room with a cup of hot tea and stitched away for hours on end. Now in the heat of the summer, I do the exact same thing but with a tall glass of iced tea!

Judy P.

we do everything early in the morning, we have a ranch so it is early or not at all, so at day break we are out if the cows need water. In the late evening we all get in the pool.

I stay inside with the air conditioner keeping me cool so I can enjoy my quilting time.

Here in Australia it can get pretty hot in the Summer and nothing beats cold watermelon to instantly cool off - even better if sitting in the pool while eating. Thanks for the opportunity to win a great looking cutter.

I'm traveling right now and it's much hotter than home. Sucking on a cup of ice chips does the trick for me.

How reliant we have become on air-conditioning, both in the car and home. Our grandparents unfortunately didn't have that luxury, but then they also didn't have global warming! (Is there such a thing???) A cold washer around the back of the neck and around the wrist pulse spots works wonders.
Shirley G, Melbourne, Australia

Even here in Canada it has been a hot hot summer. I usually get all the chores done in the morning. Then in the afternoon I am in my air conditioned sewing room working on my projects. I sure would love to be a winner on your giveaway. Good luck to everyone. Bunny

Iced coffee instead of hot!

I like to watch 'winter' or 'Christmas' movies when it is hot outside. All that snow cools me off.

Hey..its looking super cute.
Kids surely going to love this.
I am sure that they are going to enjoy alot while playing this.

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