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Ice water and cold showers have helped me stay cool.

Here in my part of British Columbia, nights are cool at the moment, so keeping the windows open for the night, closing them up for the day and drawing the blinds on the south side of the house, doing any housework or yardwork in the morning, and keeping cool in my basement sewing room during the hottest part of the day, with lots of cool drinks, is my way off enduring the heat! It's been a lousy summer so far, but when the sun does shine, it is very hot!

If the heat gets too unbearable, I spend all my time in my sewing room with the air conditioner on ! This is the only room in my house with AC.( I made sure of that)
Thamks for the chance to win this Go !!!!

A tropical storm named Dean
Lots of rain where there has been none!!

Our best way to beat the humid Ohio heat is to take a tap (with my 4-year-old) in the air conditioning after noon. When we get up we get into the pool. Keep cool! Thanks for your "HOT" giveaway! I gotta win a GO!

Do anything outdoors in the early morning or late evening. But beware of mosquitos!

Whole house fan! I live in nothern CA where we only have an occational heat wave. It always cools off at night and the fan sucks in cool air.

I stay indoors with the A/C lots of water and work on my Tweets Blocks.

Watermelon!!! It's so refreshing and cool, it instantly perks me up in the heat!

Wow! What a prize!!!

I think the newsman said we were officially in a drought here in central Arkansas this summer. Since June I think we have been near 100° almost every day! My ten year old and I have gone to the public swimming pool to keep cool. We go four or five days a week for an hour. The rest of the time we stay inside where the air-conditioner has been keeping the worst of the heat down to a bearable level!

Thank goodness for AC! I can still sew! :)

I do my errands early in the morning, including my 40 minute walk. Then in the afternoon I take my siesta nap in my nice cool AC house! Hot I can stand it's the humidity that gets to me every time!! Thanks for the great giveaway!

Outdoor work gets done early in the morning, then stay in the air conditioning as much as possible. Texas heat has been really bad this year.

We make a large batch of frozen fruit--mix cans of peaches in natural juice, add strawberries, sliced bananas, can of frozen OJ, any other can fruit that you enjoy--Freeze. When ready to enjoy, scoop into tall glasses, pour over cold ginger ale and you have yourself a fruit slush--perfect to cool off on those hot days. It's a family favorite!

If I have to go outside I have my Frogg Toggs Chilly Pad Towel to wrap around my neck if I get overheated. Otherwise, I hibernate inside in the A.C. until blessed fall!!!! Lana

Our hot weather is unbearable but it won't last forever. To survive it I cut way back on housework. I sit in front of a fan and stitch. Sure makes the heat easier to take!!

even in hawaii it can get too hot when the trade winds die. i like to stay in the shade, drink plenty of water, and take a nap during the hot mid-day.

Well we don't have AC in our house, so DH has devised a "system" for closing up the house during the day, then at the appointed hour, we open up all the windows and put in the window-fans with the air blowing out, then at the next appointed hour (early evening) we turn the fans around and have them point cooler air into the house. It works pretty well, but if we get off schedule it's a real bear!

I stay inside as much as possible and wear sun dresses. I think the sun dresses are cooler than short and a t shirts.

Come and live in Wales, hot weather is not usually a problem!

Since I am quite fair skinned with blue eyes and heat just makes me ill, I have found that my basement sewing/quilting room is the place to be because it protects me from hot weather.

Hmmm well, we've only had 3 or 4 days above 80 this year, but I am absolutely NOT complaining. I prefer this over baking like the rest of the planet.

However, this year I'm very much into iced coffee and the swimming pool we inherited from a friend - it only needed a tiny patch and was good as new! I brew a pot of coffee, pour it into a pitcher, dump in a can of sweetened condensed milk and stir. Chill in fridge for a couple of hours. Park my fanny in the pool with a huge glass of iced coffee nearby and I'm a happy camper.

Thank you for the chance to win a Go! Baby. I've been dying to try an Apple Core quilt but cutting all those pieces is daunting...

Lots of cold drinks and sewing/quilting in the shadow :)

Keep cool tip?? Water... lots of water... oh and central air helps too :o)

I live in NYS and we don't have has much hot weather however, this year has been terribly. We don't have central air but do have a ceiling fan in the living room and an ac in our bedroom. During the day, I drink lots of ice water and sit under the fan. Early evening, I'll go up to the bedroom in the ac and either read a book or work on craft stuff.

Thanks for giving me an opportunity to win the baby go. I enjoy your site and thanks for the free patterns.

I would love to win the Go! Baby. To survive in the heat, I drink lots of water, put on the AC, work in my sewing room with a big floor fan next to me and bob around in the pool. Thanks for the opportunity.

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