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I've been entering drawing and giveaways to try to win one of these or the slightly bigger size: but to no avail! I can not afford to purchase one because of a fixed (like set in cement) budget. *sigh* I just look from the sidelines and think "I wonder..."

Enjoy your new toy.

Lucky, lucky you! Have fun playing with your new toy.

I've been reading about these little gadgets for some time now, but can't afford to buy one. But, I just love to look, and dream. Dorothy.

Those look like really great dies! Have fun playing!

I am really excited to see what you come up with using this machine! Have a great time and try to stay cool.

How are you going to app,Kaye the pieces as no seam allowance is included?

Oops...didn't check my typing. I meant to say How are you going to applique as no seam is included?

Have fun.
You have a nice blog and I read it with pleasure. (sorry my Englisch isn't good)
regards from Holland

hummm I would sure enjoy winning that!

Enjoy your toy

Fun...fun...fun.... can't wait to see what you come up with.

I just recently got a lovely GO! to play with too and it's so easy and quick, I love it and I'm sure you will too. Oh @ Keli, there are quarter inch seam allowances included on all the die's..
Have fun..

I'd love to see how you needle turn these applique accuquilt pieces.

Good thing I'm not there, we'd have to keep stopping to clean up the drool. LOL Good for you!

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Lucky girl! :D

I'm wondering how I can get your blog posts more frequently. I can check one day, and there is nothing showing. The next day, I will see there are four posts that I have missed. I use google blogger, and so to see type pad posts they are at the top of my bar.. I'm not the most techno savvy, but I love your blog, and hate to see the posts so late.

Oh be still my heart. I would love it if that happenedtome.

Wow, just got a chance to catch up on posts. This Go Baby looks amazing, and what a way to cut down on the time of cutting out shapes. I'll be watching for a way to enter the drawing

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