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Great - I will have to give this a try. As for quilting like Sharon - one step at a time!

I watched the video yesterday and have thought about it all night...and then to see you in action!! You have inspired me to give it a try!! Way to go!!

This is such a good way to baste. Why didn't I think of this!!??

I'm going to try it next quilt.

Thanks for sharing

I watched the video and thought "now that a great idea" I will deffinetly give it a go. As for her quilting, yes well maybe we will try that another day.

Wow! This is a fabulous tip. Thank You for sharing. I was like you and did all the basting on the floor, ugh! I'm going to give this a try right away on a hawaiian quilt that needs hand quilting!

Glad you had success! If you prefer to pin instead of baste, it works well too.

Thank you for the tip about the tatting thread.

I haven't looked at Sharon's quilting technique yet. Thank you for letting me know she has videos for hat too.

I really want to try that basting method after watching the videos too!! And we even have some spare skirting boards in the house already.... just have to get my husband to cut them down because I don't think I'll ever make a quilt six foot wide

This is exactly how I baste my quilts. I saw it on Sharon's site a few years ago and it has changed my life. I no longer dread basting

Yes...Yes...your basting looks so professional!

I must say, that basting thread is a heck of a lot cheaper than those basting sprays!!!

...(by the way....my last name is NOEL)

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