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the pressing tool reminds me of a magic wand! swish! perfect points appear! ka-ZAMM! nice crisp edges! POOF! look at me! I look just like I know what I'm doing!

Poof! Quilts are so lightweight in my hands that they glide under the sewing machine needle when I am free-motion quilting.

I would invent the power to applique...because my power for that STINKS right now! Maybe I need the magic wand tool ;)

I would invent a magic wand that un-sews my mistakes for me.

I would invent a way to get perfect stitches during FMQ instead of short jerky ones that break the needles (besides investing in a long-arm machine). I know practice makes perfect... Maybe something like a projector that would shine the image of where I need to go on the fabric instead of tediusly marking it would be nice. Thanks for the giveaway.

I'd love the power to see the perfect seam allowance- For piecing or applique. Little stitching lines that appear like the zoom-lens the Bionic Woman had.

I'd like a "WHAM" a binding on!

I would have quilt vision. I could shoot a laser beam from my eyes to follow the quilting pattern I wanted. Kind of like the really nice long arm machines only it would be my eyes. Talk about quilting on the go. :)

I would like to be able to machine quilt on my regular sewing machine. I am talking feathers and curves and loops, oh my! Quilting that is as wonderful as the quilt top would be a super power in my book!

Miss Time Beyond - I would always have time for quilting!

My super power would be always sewing the correct seam and never having to use a seam ripper.

I would invent the ability to sew it together right the first time so I would not have to unsew or just make do.

My super power would be the ability to FMQ without practice - including feathers!

I'd love to win this tool - I had one but my wood and paper eating cat chewed up the point!

Oh, I would love to have perfect seams EVERY time. It doesn't matter what I do that they don't wander all over. Oh, and to machine quilt with ease, something I haven't even tried to attempt because it scares me. Oh and to be able to pull the ideas I have down on paper and then into reality.

Was I only supposed to have one?


I learn a lot from you and last week took a local class with a friend to hands on learn your technique for applique (heat resistant template, brush on sizing, etc.) Even though your tutorials are picture perfect, I'd invent a way to clone you as a personal trainer.

My superpower would be that as soon as I had a quilt top pieced, it would magically quilt and bind itself! Thanks for the giveaway! :0)

The super power I would love is "instant binding" with perfect miters that are sewn down! Really shouldn't we have an "app" for that by now?? Thanks Erin, hope I win that tool...sure beats that chopstix I'm using to turn my applique now!

I would be Super Baster! Can prepare backing, iron, layer and baste a quilt in mere minutes!

Hi Erin, that tool looks super neat! My super power would be a closet that would never ever run out of batiks, every piece I'd use would be replaced instantly and all Kaffe Fasset's fabrics would magically appear on the shelves!!
Hug from Anita.

My super power would be to be able to square up blocks and completed tops in the blink of an eye. No more wonky quilts and wavy borders. I am enjoying watching the progress of your "Tweets" quilt, its on my to do list.

My super power definitely involves FMQ...I know...practice..practice...practice!! I would also like to get nice sharp points on applique...just like YOU!! Thanks for the chance!

My super power would be to have all my fabrics washed, ironed and stored for easy access.

I LOVE all these thoughts. For me it would be being able to pull just the right fabrics from my stash so my quilt would be a joy to behold!

My super power would allow me to stretch time so I could create and sew to my hearts content.

I've been seeing that tool a lot lately & would lJove to have one. I can just imagine someone in the future posting a photo & asking " does anyone know what this is & what it was used for?". Such a curious, yet useful and lovely thing! Thanks for the chance to win!
Your blocks & patterns & colors are truly lovely. Next on my list.
My super power would be SPEED! Hand quilting, applique, hand piecing, machine piecing, basting, binding and embroidery... "faster than the blink of an eye, able to hand quilt a queen size quilt in a day, bindings cut & sewn during a commercial!" That way I could do all the projects I love. Don't get me wrong, I love the process, I just would love to create & produce more! Thanks!

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