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Erin, thank you so much for the links! I absolutely loved watching the basting videos and can't wait to try it!

I found this video by accident.. I have been using this method every since. It works for me, getting on the floor to baste a quilt has been out of the question for several years now..Afraid I would never get up again :)

I found this method a while back and I love it. I've altered the method to use 3 boards - one for the quilt top, one for the back, and one for the batting. It is much easier to maneuver the batting if it is rolled on a board. Also you might want a set of long boards for bed quilts and a set of shorter ones for baby quilts and wallhangings. It is so nice NOT to be on the floor basting!

well, I definitely like the method but not sure how I would be able to baste a queen size quilt this way... dont have a table that large to have room for the quilt. I have seen some of her quilts and they are gorgeous so it seems to be working for her.

I am glad that you shared this terrific way of basting a quilt. It just goes to show me that the old ways are still the best ways. Thank you!

I have used this method for small quilts and find it quite helpful. Can be faster, can be slower, but great alternative to the floor.

I want the same super power!!
I used to pin on the floor but now I have a large table at counter top height and I use that to spray baste. If I spend the time to lay all three layers out flat first I can get it done pretty quickly with no wrinkles. I've seen those videos before but never tried it. Thanks for the reminder!

Thanks so much for sharing this! I just started following blogs in March and since then have picked up some great techniques and short cuts. Thank you for sharing you tips as well as those you find. I'll have to try this out on my next quilt.

Thank you for posting this "how to" video! I've always dreaded basting anything larger than a baby quilt but this method is awesome!! I've bookmarked the site and plan to give it a try! So little space needed and any size quilt works...perfect solution!

I have been lucky enough to take a class with Sharon before she posted this video. I have used her method ever since. For larger ( queen) sized quilts I use two tables for that bit that doesn't fit on the first table. Then I take up the entire living room for the duration. I rarely have a problem with pleats on the back using this method

My last quilt is basted this way, thanks to this video, it's much quicker and easier!

Thanks for sharing this! I generally make small pieces, and have been pin-basting, but I'm going to have to give this a try.

That seems like a great alternitive to the floor! Thanks!

Great way to work - I will have to try it!

Wow, thanks for this link. I'm very impressed with this technique and will definately give it a try. I love to hand quilt and think this will solve the shifting problems that I've been having. Thank you.

I want to look for something to baste!!! I will give this method a try.


I found those quite a while ago and I am very happy with them! This is a great method, isn't it? Works for every size...

Thank-you for sharing this! It looks like a much easier and less painful way than crawling about on the floor.

I love this method! It worked well for me too.

A couple months ago I found this video on You Tube with this woman basting her quilts on the wall. I gave it a try and I am totally into it. You have to use basting spray. At 15 dollars a can (one can = 2 large quilts), it can be kind of expensive. So I need to check out your video.

Very cool! I may have to try it (even if it does involve hand sewing!). I don't pin - I generally spray baste.

I have seen this before. It realy inspired me to try. I will admit that I haven't yet, but seeing you do it...I MUST start with the one quilt I saved for this method!

That is great! Thanks for sharing.

This is life-changing!!

Oh yes!! This lady is my hero, I have used her method and it changed my way of basting....AND it works, it's almost unbelievable!

As I was scrolling down and saw the basting on your Miss Noel I thought your basting looked familiar.

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