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My first thought was: "I wish I could draw"... but thanks for sharing because I can see that your design is simple shapes, and really I should just get over myself and have a go!
Then I just need to make sure that my finish product comes out and gorgeous as yours!

Thanks for sharing; I enjoyed this glimpse of your design process (I long to be producing my own designs, but the process of designing seems to stymie me...).

Thanks for the insight! It's cool to see how your beautiful designs come to life.

Thanks for the insight - do you draft it in a drawing program after this or is it all done by hand?

Thank you for sharing this with us -- I too am a little put off about trying to design something but your step-by-step-process makes it look a little more achievable. I do love all your designs, and thank you again!

Thank you from me too. It is always fascinating to get an insight into how textile artists design their work.

Thanks for letting us see how you "tick". It is interesting to see how people get ideas and what they make with it.

This is some nice sharing on your part. Thank You! I have been playing around with shapes too. Your designs are always beautiful!

I loved learning about your design process... you are a true artist. Thanks for sharing!

I doodle but mine never comes out anything like yours! :) Seriously, your applique is gorgeous.

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