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I love this. Looks easy enough and very practical. Thanks.

This looks like a nice alternative. I'm still pretty new to applique, so I appreciate all the tips and tricks I can find!

I just received a swap block from Australia with Floriani in the petal shapes. I was surprised how stiff it is, but we've been assured it will soften up with washing. Now I'd like to try it!

Interesting. It makes it very portable. I guess I need to see what it is like after being washed out.

Gosh, I feel indebted to you for all your wonderful suggestions. Finding your blog is one of the best things that's happened to me in quilting in a long time. No pressure - just wanted you to know how much I appreciate all your tips. I will give Floriani a try.

wow, I am going to buy me some, that was the best, thanks for sharing.....l

Aw nuts. I'm halfway through a petals quilt already. Wish I had known earlier!

Quick question - since there's Floriani between the applique and the backing, do you leave the backing in place?


I am curious if the Florianni dissolves completely after washing? Bernie

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