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Flight, for sure! There are so many times I wish I could get there faster and without a car. It would be so handy (as long as I could fly "strong" enough to carry fabric back with me.)

What a beautiful blog you have. Love your color choices in your quilts and such wonderful applique. I would prefer invisibility for a super power. That way I could go in to quilt shops any time of day to look at all the lovely fabrics.

I definitely want the superpower of flight. Hopefully it will get me places quicker for all my daily errands so that I'll have time to relax doing some "quilty" stuff!

Love the finished flower! Thank You for sharing the pattern and the process. As far as the the super power I would want, I would say flight...I have always wanted to fly like a bird and be able to go places and see things that just is not possible to us that are land locked.

I also would choose flight as a super power so that when I go to see my sister and my daughter and her family, it would only take me a few minutes instead of driving 12 hours. I went to a new quilt shop the other day with friends and I bought the white background for this block to make a quilt... love your tutorials on how you made the petals and I am going to do mine that way. Oh yes, of course, I would really love to win the giveaway as I love those colors in your block.

thank you for the post - it's very pretty! invisibility would be nice, but i've always wanted the power to punish bad drivers; flat tires with the point of a finger would be great.

Flight, so I could fly to quilt shows anywhere in the world.

Flight for me, thank you!

Flight! I'd go everywhere!

Oh, I would love to fly! I've always had "gypsy in my soul" and haven't traveled nearly enough to satisfy me. Now that I'm too old and creaky to drive for long periods, being able to fly anywhere, anytime would be awesome!!! (As long as I don't have to be TSA'd.)

I would love the superpower of flight, then I could go home to Vermont when every I wanted to see family.

Thank you for such a beautiful giveaway!!


I would probably choose invisibility - oh so many times I wish I could be a fly on the wall and listen to others when they think they are alone! But - flying can also be nice - if only I then could fly by immigration and then avoid the long cues to get in to US! (Take it from someone that has been standing with my family in a long-long-long line in three hours just to answer some questions in Atlanta, and then missed our connecting flight because of that. It would never happen in Denmark!)

Flight it is! While invisibility might be nice once in a while, flight would be so practical (and fun too!).

I've learned so much from your lessons! Thanks so much!

Flight! I've always wanted to fly like a bird - imagine the feeling of freedom!

What adorable buttons? Where did you find them? The superpower question is actually hard for me to answer. First, I don't like heights, so I couldn't see wanting to fly. On the other hand, if I could turn invisible, I don't know what I'd do with it. Instead, I'd choose the quilting superpower from last time!

I want to fly!!!

Thanks for the great giveaway!

Flight, because then I wouldn't be so afraid of heights!! Or, at least I hope so... :o) It would be aweful to get a super power and not be able to use it!

Flight for sure! I miss seeing my daughter who lives 5 states away. Although I have said many times I would like to be a "fly on the wall" for curious (nosey) reasons. HaHa!

Love your blog too.

Oooh those are hard choices for super powers, they would both be wonderful. But I think flying would be funner, so flight it is.

My superpower would be flight for sure! And thanks for the beautiful pattern Erin.

Your quilt is lovely!
I would choose invisibility and quilt as much as possible! Nobody will ask me to do something else - I'm invisible!

For me it is flight to, so I can go to far places because I hate planes. Thanks for the wonderfull giveaway.
Hugs Anneke

I would prefer to have the super power of flight. I would like to get quickly out of uncomfortable situations as quickly as possible.

I think flying -- I don't like airplane travel anymore, and I'd love to be able to see my daughter and granddaughters more often! Your paperpieced flower is lovely!! It would be fun to try working in those colors, so I'd love to win those fabrics! Thank you for the opportunity!

Flight would be my super power, imagine getting where you needed to go without all the traffic jams..LOL and I would love to soar with the birds...

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