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That's a hard one! I've always had dreams of flying, so I believe that would be my choice. With gas prices the way they are, I think I would put on my goggles and lift off!

I love the flower
thank you for the pattern
I would love to be invisible!

Flight without a doubt! My family all live 12.5 hours away, so it would be great to be able to just "fly home" for the weekend.

Definitely Flight! There are times that I just want to get away!! Wouldn't that be so nice!!

Flight. In a heartbeat. DD has just learned to swing herslef and - oh... it reminds me of the HOURS I spent in swings 'flying' !!!

Gorgeous work, generous giveaway - and a pattern too ! Thanks so much !

What an adorable flower. Thank you so much for the pattern. I am anxious to make one in some of the pastels I have.

I would love to fly so I could get where I want so much more easily than walking or driving!

Flight. For Sure. I live in Oklahoma and my one and only grandson lives in North Carolina and I only get to see him once a year. With flight I could go back and forth as often as I wanted.

Flight, of course. To actually arrive somewhere one time would be fabulous! I have two children so that hasn't happened in a really long time!

I choose flight!

Wonderful blog!!!

I think flight. Getting there seems to be a waste of time- most of the time.

Flight....oh so high and fast. No more waiting at stop lights, traffic jams or no need to find a parking spot. Just land and go about your business

Invisibility - the opportunity to be the "fly on the wall" intrigues me...Thanks for the giveaway..

Invisibility definately. Always wanted to be a fly on the wall!

Hmm...that's a difficult choice. I think I'd have to choose flight because there are so many places I want to go.

Flight would be my choice! Grab my kids and fly to softball practice, cheer practice, and gymnastics practice... No traffic!

I just discovered your blog. Added it to my favorites. My super power would be flight so I can go to any quilt store anytime I wanted to.

I can't decide as I would use flight to come from Australia to all you talented people in the US and invisibility so that I can have a ball in all the quilt shops buying things that are not available here.

I'd choose invisibility. I hate airports these days. Too much trouble. Not fun like the old days.

I have both those qualities already through the ether of the internet and so do you! We get all over the world in a second or too and unless you pick up cookies no-one would know you were there. To see in 3D would be far superior of course and a cloak would be a necessity if you wished to remain anonymous.

If I could choose ormake up a super power,I choose time adjust so I can make time for more sewing.

I'll go for flight. Wouldn't it be great to just fly away

i love giveway!!!

Flight for sure. Travelling to Australia in 30 seconds instead of 30 hours would be awesome.

Wow, can I choose to be invisible while I'm flying? LOL! Thanks for the opportunity to win.=)

Super Power would have to be flight for sure so that I could whisk my daughter up an away to dance classes, drama club and every other activity she partakes in. Plus no traffic and also no listening to her radio stations in the car. :)

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