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I've had dreams of flying all my life. I would love to go soaring!!!

Invisibility. Be it ever so humble, there's no place like home. I'm not the least bit interested in anything more than a day trip, especially since my poor back prefers my Sleep Number bed! LOL

If i have to choose I will go for flight. I absolutely, positivly hate, hate driving. I am a back roads kind of girl and cannot always get there from here. I could visit my favorite quilt and yarn shops from Massachusetts to Maine and Mass to Phila.


Hi Erin,

First of all, thank you so much for all your beautiful patterns !
My super power....?? I think invisibility, it would be great to be able to sit down with my invisible quilt and all my invisible stuff around me !
Love, Jolanda.

Soooo cute, Erin!! I would love to fly! I have always loved flying. I would travel the world to see its awesomeness. No doubt my adventures would inspire my quilting!

Erin thanks for the lovely mini pattern perfect for fall. Also for the wonderful giveway.awesome fabrics and buttons!
I would take invisibility...why cause I am the nosiest person on earth and have wished many times to be a fly on the wall when there is a conversation going on.
Then I can visit homes and see all their beautiful decorating ideas and antique furnishings. Then I can be anywhere without being noticed and enjoy the moments that others are sharing quietly.

I love the tutorial on the flower, makes me want to make one right now!! The buttons look delicious too. My super-power would be flight, I would love to be able to fly to destinations unknown, wow!!

Your blog is an inspiration! I started english paper piecing @ 6 weeks ago & it is now my " take along" project. It is a great conversation starter as folks recollect & share @ quilts from their memories.

Hmm, superpower? Flight! I would take each of my grandchildren for a ride... Perspective. Seeing life in context of something larger! I can't wait to ask them which super power they would like! Thanks for the gift, the chance to win & for the evocative question. Have a great week-end. B

Erin - Your quilt is just darling and thank you soooo much for the pattern!! I think I would like the super power of flight so I could see all the world and the universe!! And a super big thank you for the great giveaway!!! Kris

Flight for sure! When I was a little girl I used to dream I could fly and it felt wonderful and I woke up so happy. Wish I could fly right on over to see my grandkids. They would love to hang onto grandma and go for a ride!

Invisibility!!! I am very self-conscious! I am working on it, so I think if I could start out invisible and slowly work my way into visibility as I grew more confident, that would help me out a lot! :)

Invisibility, so I could sit and quilt anytime, any where and not be interrupted.

Years ago it would have been flight. Now it's definitely invisibility.

Definitely FLIGHT!! I am missing by baby...she took a job right across the country...and is homesick!! And mama needs a Hayley fix! Would be lovely to sprout wings!! It would ALSO be lovely to win this GORGEOUS bundle of goodness!! Perfect fabric for this project!! Also thanks so much for the tutorial...I have enjoyed watching you make your flower all week and follow each step!! Very clear instructions!! Take care!

Lovely flower and what a great giveaway!!!
Fligh would definitely by the super power I want. Then I could fly over to visit our daughter who is so far away from us!!!

I would love to be able to fly. Had many dreams about flying when I was a kid and can still remember them. What freedom!

Thank you for the flower pattern. Cute little quilt.

I would definitely like to be able to fly - can you imagine how that must feel? Awesome. Awesome giveaway too - thanks for the chance. AND thanks for the great pattern. I've been looking for a little something to do for Christmas gifts - PERFECT!

Love this little quilt! Your quilting looks great on it too! I would love to have the power to be invisible! It's the sneaky in me. I can only imagine all the things I could learn being that "invisible fly on the wall."

Invisibility, I would love to sit on a quilt teachers should and watch her in action. Just to be able to see up close and personal how she or he handles the pieces and works them into a wonderful quilt!

Oh, definitely invisibility. I'd probably crash trying to fly. Just think of all you could find out by being places without people knowing you were there. . . . I love this latest project. I'm also a brights person, but this is a nice, soft interlude.

A great give-away on a great blog. I simply love your tutorials. Lots of blogs have them, but yours are so GOOD. Lots of pictures, I love that. Thank you.

To answer your question: I would definitely prefer flight. Though in a way I feel like 'flying' all the time on the internet: from the blog of a quilter in Brielle, the Netherlands to yours in Louisville, United States, and so on. The world has shrunk so much in the last couple of years!
Still I would love to fly. I would love to be able to actually feel and see the quilting. Drink a cup of tea in your quilting studio with oatmeal cookies and talk about quilting. OK, make that three cups of tea. :-)

I'd want to fly! Can you make that happen?? LOL Thanks for the giveaway! :0)

Love your pattern as always! Thanks for the tutorial. Which superpower? That's a tough question. I would love to be able to fly somewhere and see places that I would not be able to travel to, but I'm afraid of heights. I've always had thoughts of wishing I could be a fly on the wall, but I wouldn't want to be intrusive either. So I guess I would have to choose flight as long as I could take someone with me!! Have a blessed weekend :)

I'd love the superpower of flight!
Your quilt looks sweet. Thanks for the lovely giveaway :D

Flight...whenever I fly it puts life in perspective and keeps me from being too big for my britches...we are such a little speck in the universe. I love flying to see my world with fresh eyes!

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