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Goodmorning Erin, did you meet the Applique Speed Fairy during your exercising? ;-) Erin, I have a remark about your applique tutorial. It is really good. All the pictures - you have gone through a lot of trouble. And thought as well! When clicking on next, however, the order is incorrect. The tutorial goes from 1 to 10, 11-19, 2, 20... You can correct this by renumbering the pictures. If you renumer the first nine pictures adding a zero before the number, the order will be OK. Computers do not understand that 2 follows after the first picture... Since it starts with a 2, it proceeds 20 and follows after 19. Computers aren't smart...
Have a blessed day, Esther Kalf

Love the new BOM design Erin. I'm caught up and waiting. Quilt fairy must be very busy!

Oooooh!!! I'm loving it already!

Erin, thank you for your generosity in teaching us and posting so many beautiful patterns and techniques.
Just have to say: May God reward you.
"The more you give, the more you get"

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