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I would be a mixture of those older actresses. Elizabeth Taylor, for her wild life, Grace Kelly and Audrey Hepburn for their classiness, and Katherine Hepburn for her spunk. I'm really not that old, but love those old actresses. Someone once told me I looked like Suzanne Pleshette--remember her? Must have been the hairdo and dark eyebrows.
The ruler is a neat idea that I will have to try out.

Merryl Streep please twenty shades darker!

I'd pick Merryl Streep.

To play me younger would be Camryn Manheim, or my currnet age Conchata Ferrell ( I fell in love with her in the movie "Heartland).

Great post!! Thanks for your reciepe, I'm going to give it a try.
The rulers sound great. What a great idea to sharpen our blades
while cutting. Very clever.

As for an actress playing my life story, I'd suggest Carol Burnett.
I've been told I looked like her, but that was when we had similar
haircuts. That would be fun though.

Thank you for the giveaway and a chance to win.


Don't think I'm a candidate for amovie subject, but Kathryn Hepburn would be my choice. What a concept---cut and sharpen at the same time. Will have to try this one. Thanks for a chance.

In my dreams...Vivienne Leigh...she got to star next to that gorgeous hunk.... Scarlett and Rhett....swoon.
Badly need a ruler if you want to sail it across the Pacific please.

thanks for the recipe - I'll have to get cooking that one - I like Reece Witherspoon so I'd have to go with her although I'm just a smidge bigger than her !!! (or should that be wider!)

I originally would say I'd have Kate Winslet play me...but upon further thought I think Melissa McCarthy would be a better match!

Just remembered (see above) the Hunk was Clarke Gable. What a man. Course he died a gazillion years ago :(

Those Pop Up Posies really pop.I think Dame Maggie Smith, even though she is older than me, she has class (and I would look superb)

It would have to be Kathy Bates I'm afraid! Thanks for the giveaway!

It would have to be Meryl Streep, she can pick up many personalities and would have me down pat in just a few days. Thanks for the chance to win choice of these great rulers.

I can't remember if I already entered, but here goes (if not again), I would have Meryl Streep play the 50 me. Thanks!

Fun post on the rulers. I would be lost as to who to pick to play me??

I am a Kathy Bates kind of gal. Fried Green Tomatoes and Misery are my all time favorite movies. Ruler looks like a very useful tool.

Sorry, forget to mention "Harry's Law". She is just great!!!

I don't know why you couldn't have Julia Roberts. It's a movie, right? :o) I told Pat on her blog that I'd like Meg Ryan of the 90s. I also like that actress who plays a cop on, oh dear, now I can't remember the show. Well, she's got blond hair, and in the show, a north Georgia accent. lol

I have no idea about an actress. People used to tell me I looked like Jenny Garth when 90210 was on, so maybe her. She's cute. Thanks for the chance...I would love one of these rulers - what a fab idea!

Mia Farrow for me...once I was told to be a bit a look a like....I love this yard stick ruler and as always love your quilts al lot Erin!

Drew Barrymore for me! I have always enjoyed her. Great rulers, thanks for the giveaway.

Fun! Thanks for the chance!
Actress to play me would be Dolly Parton. We are both from the Smoky Mountain area, we are both less than 5 feet tall, and well....we have the other obvious thing in common too! LOL! :)

I would have to say Demi Moore.
Thanks for the chance of winning this fab ruler.

I love Sandra Bullock. That ruler sounds like a really great invention. Thanks for the giveaway.
I've heard Lark Rise to Candleford is a great series. I have to get on Netflix and check it out.

I am all about sharper blades. My wrists will thank you! Weeeeoooo!

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