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I have the BIG square ruler and love it!

Sounds great. Can't wait to "blog hop!"

I just discovered your blog...it is genius! I have seen people working on your patterns in the blogosphere and had not made the connection. I just purchased Miss Kelley and will try and catch up with everyone else doing the tweets at some point. Your patterns look so beautiful...what software, PDF writer, etc. do you use to create them? I love applique and am trying to design a special Baltimore Album type of quilt and I would love to have it look professional, rather than like a first grader designed it. If you are willing to share info, I would be so grateful. When I design simple geometric patterns to help out the local quilt shop, I use Microsoft Word and Paint...pretty archaic. You are very inspiring...I think we probably have a lot of things in common (I gave up biomedical research for child-raising...

Your work is beautiful!

In stitches,
Teresa :o)

awesome ruler to have!

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