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Cleaning lady for sure!!!!

I enjoy the blog! Thank you.

cleaning lady, they are worth their weight in gold. Although I have never had a cleaning lady.

I would take the cleaning lady. The worst part of cooking is having to clean up after yourself. Although, my family might choose differently. LOL
Thanks for the great blog!

cleaing lady every time, who wants to clean when they could be quilting?

I would choose a cleaning lady because I can always go out to eat, but I can never get away from the cleaning that needs to be done.

Cleaning lady - absolutely. I love to cook and I'm pretty good at it. ;-)

Hands down: a cleaning lady! I already have a cook. His name is Darling Husband.

Thanks for this giveaway, Erin. I'm fascinated by this Quilt Album program.

Linda, who visited your state last week!

Cleaning lady for sure.

I would chose a cleaning lady. I worked as a cleaning lady while my children where in school and I know how hard it is. When you eat out most of the time a cook is not that needed. Love your blog.

I would choose a cook every time. I don't mind cleaning and I would definitely eat healthier if I had a cook.

cleaning lady! I like to cook but not clean so much.
thanks for the giveaway.

I'm with the group so far with my vote of cleaning lady.

It would have to be the cleaning lady. It would free so much time up for sewing!

Oh Erin, I have to say cleaning lady! My husband is a pretty good cook, so then I'd have it all covered so I can sew!

Hmmm... that's a tough choice since I have to do so much of both of them! LOL! I guess I will have to choose cook, because my family loves to eat and they love my cooking. It makes them happy, so I'm happy to see them enjoying their meals.

I would choose the cook. If I had someone to plan, shop, and cook, I would gladly clean up the mess.

OOOOH Cleaning lady please.

Definitely a cleaning lady! I can always go out to eat! :o)

A cleaning lady please. Thx

definitely a cook. I need someone to make delicious meals while I sew and someone to bring me snacks!
I could do without a cleaning lady because she would probably quit when she saw my sewing room!

Definitely the cleaning lady!! My DH cooks :-) and I don't mind doing the dishes, but quilting is soooo much more fun than cleaning! Thanks for the opportunity, Erin. I've had this product on my wish list for quite a while now, so I'd love to win it!!

My vote is for a cleaning lady, for sure! Thanks for the giveaway and a great blog!

Cook please for me, as sometimes I get tired of having to decide what to cook every night with 2 very plain food males in the house ( meat and 3 veg every night) and for those times when I just want to quilt all day a Cook would be heaven for me.

Cleaning lady!

Choose only one? Not fair!
It would have to be a cleaning lady. Believe it or not I am allergic to many cleaning products, even some of the "natural" ones.
Actually I have told my husband a number of times if he can find someone to do all of the cleaning and cooking, I will let him marry her (him?) too.
This is definitely a great looking software program.

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