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Lovely little wallhangings. That star is super wonderful. I love the lines and wood in the exquisite table. The pumpkin is quite cute! Enjoy your week! B

An idea - go out and get that stem that got left in the garden and hot glue it on the pumpkin. Who's to know, just remember not to pick it up by the stem. I did learn the hard way to always set pumpkins and gourds on a plate or tray as one time I went to move a pumpkin that was on my wooden buffet and it had rotted on the underside and made a large spot that is still there. Had been leaking for a while and I didn't know it.

Love your quilts of course!

I love that little quilt hanger. Would you mind sharing where you found it?

What a wonderful idea to dress up a wall for the seasons. I think I'm going to do the same in my new house IF we every get one of our own. :-)

Love those wallhangings! I was sitting here, wishing I had such a location to hang quilts, when suddenly I realized that I DO! Gave myself a V8 smack - I can move a picture that's been there for years. Funny how we get stuck in a rut sometimes.

your wallhangings are simply beautiful, and wow Sri Yanta, that is wonderful, bet that took you a long time.....

Erin - These little quilts are fabulous!! Perfect for the different seasons and your space at the front door!! Kris

I love your wallhangings!! They look so nice hanging there.

What a nice way to welcome your guests to your home. Lovely quilts - as always, I adore your patterns and small quilts make quick work. Thanks!

Me encantan sus trabajos!!

One would think that wall was specially made just for those quilts! Or is it the other way around :)

I love all your little quilts!
A great decorating idea.


What a great idea. I have been wanting to do something similar for my home, but have been wondering how to hang them. Where did you get your quilt hanger?

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