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I would like to have such a ruler.

Just FYI - psiquilt and cluckclucksew will not allow nonbloggers, like myself, to leave comments. I only blog occasionally on TQS, but my TQS blog address does not fit any of their comment formats.

These rulers look amazing!

Fantastic idea, what a great ruler!

Super give away! Great video

Here I am and I still want to win one of these rulers!

I only have one or two rulers that I faithfully use. My favorite has a lip on the edge which lines up on my cutting matt to give me a straight edge to pull from. So, I like this ruler but I does it have a lip? Cause I am do deserve and need a new ruler.

BTW I am enjoying the hop, blogs I never saw before.


I would have Sandra Bullock play me. I can totally relate to her. These rulers are amazing! Thanks for the chance to win one

I'd like Cindy Crawford to play mebecause she is gorgeous and smart. But it would probably be Kirstie Alley (thin fat thin fat)

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