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Dread costume is Don King with updo wig. Prefect!

Betty Boop would be a fun costume.

What would make me look slimmer?
Telephone pole
but wouldn't a Wookie be fun.

Oh, here in Germany we do not celebrate Halloween.

These canvases are a great idea! I'd love to display bits of my hand dyed fabrics in them. As for Halloween, we don't really do much since we live in a very rural area. But if I did, I would have to dress as one of the Angry Birds this year. I think I'd want to be the black bird. It's not original but I'm hooked on Angry Birds!

Hmmm...dream costume...well, I had surgery not too long ago and I'm non-weight bearing, so I have to get around on a rolling walker. So perhaps something that incorporates my current mode of mobility. Like a train engineer or fire fighter driver or something like that. Now if I *wasn't* fooling around with the walker, that's a whole 'nother story! :)

I have always thought it would be a hoot to dress up in one of those very ornate outfits Queen Elizabeth I wore. I bet they weigh a ton, but the artistry in the construction was amazing. As for the canvases by Basic Grey, I am intriqued to try one. Thank you for the giveaway.

I love these frames! My dream costume would by something sleek, form fitting and sexy - the dream being that I would ever fit into something like that again.

Heidi because that was my favorite book as a little girl.

We don't really do halloween but a costume I always thought would be fun would be a Victorian Lady. Their dresses were so pretty with needlework, fine fabrics, lace... sigh.. such a work of art.

My dream costume? Hmm...an elf of Lothlorien. I'd have to grow several inches and lose a few pounds first though. Because I don't remember seeing any chubby elves in the Lord of the Rings movies...LOL.

I haven't 'dressed up' in many years. Think I'd like to be a fairy godmother who gives out charm packs instead of candy.

Oh, this is such an easy one to answer for me! I would love, love, love to have an Elizabethan dress that royalty would wear!

I dress as a peasant class in my costume for when we perform at renfaires. I would love to be a royal lady with a gown to match!

Your servant,
Lady Ellen

Oh I would love a 1920's flapper girl dress with the feather head-dress. If I only had the figure for it.

Nice products thanks for sharing. I think it would be fun to dress for halloween as Raggedy Ann.

I stopped dressing up for Halloween years ago, but I always wanted to do an authentic period costume with bell skirt and parasol (ala Gone with the Wind). Now I occasionally dress my dog up in funny costumes, but that's as far as I go. She was Batman one year and an angel another. I don't think she had as much fun as I did though.

The sampler frames are awesome! I remember back in high school dressing up in 50's costumes for sock hops. So fun! Great memories...great costumes.

I think it would be fun to be a southern belle in a huge hoop skirt! (I love dressing up, wish I had the opportunity to do it more often)

Basic Grey's canvas innovation is interesting! Like what the twins did with them.
For Halloween I would love to dress in Queen Elisabeth's II Coronation Gown and Crown. Oooooh that would be so loverly!
Ivory Spring's blog this week featured that gown and I have been in love with it since!
However....being just a Memaw in small town Kansas, I will dress all in black, put my Bat Headband on and my little fuzzy pup and I will hand out chocolate bars. My big
kids are embarrassed when I do this but the little kids love it. So there!
have fun out there on All Hallow's Eve.

We don't really dress up for halloween here in the UK - although the children sometimes do!
I love the basic grey samplers and I'd love to win one!

Queen, princess, Catherine the Great, any amazing fabric creation. Want it for the fabric, beading and embrodery, not the holiday! Neat sampler idea, thanks!

We don't do Halloween, but a costume I'd always thought would be beautiful to dress up in is a Victorian dress with lace gloves,etc.
I love this canvas idea they came up with! What fun!

My dream custome is to dress up as Morticia from the Addams Family. If I do do I get to keep the body. The frames look quite interesting. I have some very ornate flower buttons I've collected over the years that would look great on those frames.

Dream halloween costume includes making me model thin!! LOL. I'll take that.

I'm really not one for dressing up, but I always wanted to do the following for Halloween: Tie a bone in my hair and go as a "bonehead". Funny, huh?

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