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Your angel is very cute. Thank you.

What an absolutely beautiful design, thank you for the pattern.

Wow she really is beautiful. Thank you.

What a beautiful block! She's gorgeous.

She's really sweet! I think it's the nicest block in the series so far.

Beautiful Block!!



Very beautiful block, thanks !

Wow! Thank you, Erin! I love your Christmas angel!!!

I love this little angel. In fact, I liked her so much, I decided to make her in wool felt and some of my favorite Kansas Troubles fabrics and have already cut all the pieces out this morning! :) Thank you for such a cute design.

Thank You! I admire your work. I've learned some valuable applique lessons from you also!
Thanks again.

This is a beautiful block...thank you! Makes Christmas seem a little closer - gulp.

LOVE your angel block. You do beautiful work.

Your angel is adorable as is My Tweets. I haven't been able to start them yet but am hoping to after the first of the year. Thanks for the patterns and the inspiration.

The name Carol is so appropriate for a Christmas angel--"Christmas Carol". I have a WIP Christmas quilt, which is made of embroidered blocks and your Christmas Carol angel block will fit in perfectly. You've inspired me to get back to working on this WIP. Thanks so much.

Thank you for sharing this sweet angel!

Thank you so much for such a beautiful Angel....I can't wait to make it for my daughter. She loves angels!! Thank you for sharing!!!!!

thank you for the angel pattern, she is really adorable.

I suggest that you consider creating a Christmas quilt using this lovely angel! Your My Tweets are so much fun and I think you could be on a new track with Carol.

Thanks for sharing your angel with us Erin! ;)

Beautiful Angel applique block. Can't wait to try it. Thanks for sharing.

Very nice Christmas Angel block. I am going to try to make one! Gives me some good
ideas for a pillow, tote bag and a crib quilt. thankyou.

Thanks for the sweet angel design!

Hi, Erin! Very beautiful and sweet angel design! Thanks for sharing! Have a nice day! A hug!

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