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And we thank you for that...LOL

Oh, I like the flowers this month! And yes, thank you for standardizing the leaves! Can't wait!

These birds are darling! :)

I love the block. Can't wait to see it done.

We could never HATE you! you give us so much! i LOVE the berries/flowers

Your berries are berry nice!!!! Hey quilters I need some solidarity. My favorite niece is a quilter extraordinaire and she also contributes heavily to breast cancer – one of her companies, “Save the Tatas”, gives over 100,000 per year to this important research. Please vote for her as she can even donate more money to this cause at http://pinkwell.org/ if you do, by winning the Ellen DeGeners Award. It is Breast Cancer awareness month and it’s something all of you should be paying attention to! Thanks for your help!

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