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A very creative and special man.

Steve job has done fantastic job in his whole life.He was a great personality.We really miss him.

We knew it was coming, yet it feels quite unreal. A great man that is greatly missed already, but what a legacy.

Steve jobs and Apple changed the world quite literally, if it wasn't for him technology would not be what it is now. So many great ideas, inventions and pieces of design, one of the most influential people of the past 100 years in my opinion. P.S Macs rule the world! RIP Steve Jobs, thank you for my beautiful Mac, it works like nothing else and even when im not using it i feel like i have a beautiful piece of modern art and design sat on my desk...

Steve Jobs...absoloute legend to be sadly missed, would be interesting to see what the industry would be like if he never played a part. Steve I love my MAC thank you!

RIP Steve Jobs, you changed the world as we know it in many many ways and changed the future too.

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