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OMG I think I have it' bad because it's been rainy and windy all week. They think it might snow here tonight about 3AM but the temps not suppose to go so low and it's not suppose to stick. I hope things get better and I hope you feel better. Love the skull.

and my hubby can't figure out why I don't want to camp out tonight with the Scout group. At least we don't have snow, sorry. Hope you are feeling better, at least.

Oh my Erin! stay warm. I cant believe snow in October already!

My goodness...where do you live?? Is it snowing at North Pole yet?

Oh Dear! Stay warm, drink lots of hot stuff!
Well done to your son for being so determend in finishing his homework at candle light! I am sure the had a good story to tell at school the next day!

You should move to Australia! Dorothy.

So sorry about all the unexpected mishaps. Hope the snow melts off quickly and the electricity is back on soon. Do love the skull block as it is just pretty lovely for a skull, that is!

OMGosh. I can't believe all your snow. I live in Wisconsin and we always get a dusting of snow sometime in the next week. But now several inches. Wow. Enjoy the cozy time and hope all is back to normal soon.

. . . and here I've been complaining about the 80 degree weather we're having in northern California! It's fall already--get cold!

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