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Hmm...I don't know that I'd want to invite any famous people to my tiny messy house for dinner. That being said, I'd LOVE to go out to dinner somewhere with Bobby Flay...Ooh...even better...Gordon Ramsey. Maybe he'd cook for me? Maybe?


I would invite my grandfather - Poppy - who passed away when I was 4 years old. I adored him and always wanted to get to know him better.

Leonardo Da Vinci- he was so way ahead of his time.

Tom Selleck and Sam Elliot, been in love with them forever...Love the fact that Tom Selleck is back in a tv series. Meet him once for a brief moment and he is everything that he is on his current show.

I think I would really like to dine with Jesus....a calm, compassionate and intelligent person. I think it would be so interesting but don't know if I could keep up my end of the conversation. I do know I would ask if our dogs go to Heaven, too. My hubby just rolls his eyes at that one.

Neil deGrasse Tyson ... the "Nova Science Now" guy. My 5th grader son and techie husband and curious me, would all love talking to this guy!

My answer has usually been Stephen King because I love his character development. He seems like an interesting gut to chat with. But lately I'm thinking John Stewart, who I think is intelligent, insightful and funny, would be a very entertaining guest.

would love to go to dinner with idris elba. he is such a hottie. can't anything else because it would definately be r rated

I would invite Mother Theresa to dinner to see what advice she has for all of us and to thank her for all she has done.

Great stitching and wonderful photos! I am always inspired by your handwork.

your Tutorials always get us one step closer outta the box. thanks for sharing it is always great when you have an extra tool

I'd love to go to dinner with Alan Alda. He seems like a person with great life experiences and could tell wonderful stories.

I think I would invite Eleanor Roosevelt. I read a book by Doris Kearns Goodwin about her and was amazed at all the things she had done and tried to do. She was definitely ahead of her time.

Oprah...just because I know she'd have a great time!

Oh my gosh, there would have to be two, Corrie Ten Boom and Helen Keller. I would invite them in hopes that I would gain some wisdom and strength of character just being in their presence. There are so many others and certainly not all women, but these two remarkable ladies would be my first choices. Hugs...

**Note to 'donna j. I also want to know if there are dogs in heaven...

I would invite Georgia O'Keefe. Would be so interesting to learn more about her art and era.

Thanks, Joanna

Since I adore primitive stuff (even though my house isn't decorated that way) I'd love to have dinner with Cheri from Quilts with Cheri. Her designs make my heart sing.

If I had the opportunity, I would invite Mark Twain -- Samuel Clemens. He had such an adventurous life! He traveled extensively throughout the world when that wasn't as easy as it is today and he, of course, wrote several novels that are considered classics now. I would love to hear him expound on his philosophy and his life.

How about you and Sandra Leichner? That would be a super treat.

Jeannette in CO

Although not famous,I would love to have my Nanny back to have another dinner with. I miss her so much.
I love adding little touches of embroidery to the applique.

Thanks Erin for such an amazing blog

I would invite Abraham Lincoln because I think he had tremendous character and endured many hardships. I would like to hear his perspective on things today.

The science geek in me would love to meet Nicola Tesla. Talk about a scientist/inventor ahead of his time! Also, Mel Blanc would be a great guest. They say he was probably one of the world's greatest actors.

For my non-famous list, I'd love to have another day (or dinner) with my paternal grandparents. I never got to learn all that I now want to know about their childhoods and family history.

I'd love to have dinner with Alton Brown. But maybe that's just because I went to a book signing of his recently. I'm a big fan and he's got a lot of great stories. And he knows great food!! Thanks for having the giveaway!

Not famous in the world-wide sense, I'd love to have my grandpa for dinner. He passed away a couple of weeks after my 21st birthday. I often wonder if he'd be proud of me as a grown up now.

I'd love to have dinner with Jesus although I'm sure I wouldn't be able to eat anything. It'd be awesome just to sit in His presence.

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