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Maybe 2 more blobby do in the center for balance?
Or one hanging off the bottom?
It is coming together beautifully.

Great addition. When you first mentioned adding more of the red, I had thought of Bittersweet, but you already had the blue clusters and that would have been too much of the same shapes. Your solution is a good one.

Love it! name, effect, and all :)

You inspire me to want to try applique - for real I mean, not just raw edge circles in squares. I'm putting it on my goal list for 2012 to try a real applique project. I think I better start with something small. But I have to get off my duff, stop wishing and actually try it.

The Blobbie-Do Flowers were the exact touch it needed. It just set the block off and made it POP! Great addition, Erin!!!!

Erin your work is so yummy! Where do you get your fabric? It is so beautiful and it works so nicely in your projects.

You are so talented. I love all your applique designs and your knack for color combinations. Fun! :o)

Very nice addition, thank you for sharing!

I am so totally loving this block! I really enjoy reading about your design process and seeing how you apply it.

Que maravilla y que bien explicado!!!!

Nice touch. I thought the block was pretty before, but the new flowers really add to it.

I like your Blobbie-do flowers :o) It really balanced out your quilt when you added those using the red fabric. Nice job....as always!

Love this, and thanks for sharing about "moving the color". LOVED the story about amoebas - made me laugh out loud! I, for one, am glad you share!

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