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I love the colors you have chosen. This looks very interesting.

Woohoo :D Exciting stuff!

I can hardly wait to see this new BOM project. Your ideas are inspirational!

I already love the colors, especially that blue. Can't wait to see what you come up with for 2012.

Just about to start on Tweets (I am a bit behind) so I am so looking forward to the next one!!

I just love to see your design wall on Mondays. Looks like it will be another fabulous design. I don't want to wish the year away but can't wait to see it. Thanks for all you do.

That looks interesting! While I printed out the Tweets, I'm having a hard time starting, probably because I don't have any made. I'll bet if I start at the beginning with this one, I'll get it done. I'd love to hear some more hints :-D

I get very happy by seeing paper or plastic plates with fabric, either starched or not. Glad to finally hear that someone else has the same thing. Looking good those flowers and petals. Anxious to see them assembled on the background.

I love the blue berries.. I was wondering...I used no melt plastic on my circles, and after a few circles with starch they melted. Umm, no idea what I did wrong. It was supposed to be no melt mylar. I switched to tagboard, and it seems to be working okay, but I have a LOT of them to do, and don't know how long they will hold up. Could use some guidance.

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