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I love love love this little quilt! How about a little red, rather than orange, first border?

This is marvelous!! The colors are fabulous, too! :)

Gorgeous!! I love it... the suggestion about a hint of red is a good one, too,I feel.

I like the orange border you've got here. It pulls the pumpkin out a little more. I almost feel like the pumpkin gets lost with something else there.

i would go with brita's solution to have the red in the first border, like a piping. However, I am biased toward reds. :) Love them.

I'm liking the orange inner border at 1" with a 1/4" flange of the turquois before the polka dots. The polka dots outer border is awesome!! Very nice!

OK, I am changing my opinion after mulling it over. I feel to repeat that lovely blue somewhere else in the quilt will balance the ensemble. I know it is in the print but adding it again feels right. I think Lizz struck the correct color chord. Blue and orange are complimentary colors. they would zing and sing if you added a splash of each before adding the great orange print border which ties it all together. Like Lizz, I would go for a very narrow strip of the blue between the solid orange and the wide print orange. (are you sorry you asked for our thoughts? I don't mean to step on your quilter's toes, but it does help to brain storm). Just know in the end that whatever you choose, THAT is what YOU like best. When we make our art, it has to please no one but you and/or the person you made it for. (so sorry I wrote a paragraph!)

I like your border fabric choices. Very pretty! The pumpkin might stand out more if you added a little outline embroidery.

Que maravilla!!!!!

Oh, it is simply beautiful. Love the pumpkin.

LOVE the border fabric!

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