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When we were in Mexico a few years ago, my husband started collecting Day of the Dead people. I also made him a quillow with partying skeletons.

Thanks so much for posting this! I never understood the images, and am pleased to be able to read in them " laughing in the face of death.". Although Halloween gets all the publicity, it is the following day, all Saints Day, that I cherish... All Saints. This is when we recite in Church the names of all those who have died in the past year related to our congregation in the past year. Much more sedate than the picnics and parties... But there is a real grace to joining together with everyone to honor those who have passed. I try to send notes to those I know who lost loved ones in the last couple of years, to let them know I remember. I am very glad that I now have your wonderful story to further enrich this special time... Peace to you, your brother and the rest of your family as you carry in your hearts those who have gone.

I enjoyed your post and especially the calavera that is in progress.

Thanks for sharing this. And peace to you and your family, knowing that your parents are thought of, often, and so lives on.

I love this - thank you so much for sharing!!


My husband and I used to "dance" with the Danse Macabre in the Berkely area to celebrate. We have full sets of black costumes with homemade masks and everything!
It brings back lots of fond memories! Thanks for sharing.

Love that story Erin. I lost my Gram on Halloween and just didn't like that date then my sister reminded me who the great pumpkin was!

We'd get shoeboxes full of goodies on Halloween from the Great Pumpkin in the mail. Gram lived in NE and we lived in MI. We never let on once we recognized her hand writing...didn't want those boxes to stop...LOL

Thanks for sharing such an intimate story. I will now forever think of the holiday differently.

For some reason I have never been fond of Holloween and even when my children where little is seamed is was just another way to get candy. But you story really makes me smile and from now on I will think of Hollween as the day before we "Laugh in the face of Death" Thank you

I love Dia de los Muertos as well, and set up an altar every year to honor my parents, grandparents and my husbands family. We've accumulated trinkets over the years that represent things that were special to each of them and we put candles up to light the way for them. I made a New York Beauty quilt from Dia de los Muertos fabric and hang it above the altar(desk). It is a nice way to honor and remember those we've lost.

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