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My favorite pie - all year long - is a good, homemade apple pie. And if I'm gonna make a homemade pie, it's gotta be Pecan Caramel Apple Pie. Recipe came from a coworker and it's the bomb!!!!!

Love Miss Amy. So are you going to tell us what your favorite holiday pie is? Mine's chocolate pecan. MMMM. I can't wait for thanksgiving!

Mine for sure is pumpkin!! And my daughter is named Amy; I would not surprise motherhood all over again at this age if it weren't for her! She is 20 years older than her toddler brother, and a huge help to me! So this would be a fitting thing for me to call it as well!

My favorite pie is apple especially if it's homemade! :)

I'm not sure it qualifies as a holiday pie, but my ultimate favourite is Blueberry .. warmed with vanilla ice cream. Followed by Pumpkin (if it has lots of flavour) and Apple warmed with old cheddar cheese on the side.

Your Miss Amy pattern is beautiful as always! I've finished the quilting on my two Mittens table runners that I've made for gifts. Need to apply binding. Will share picture soon.

I am all over appliqued sawtooth border, can't wait for the "tute" on that!! Really love your new pattern Miss Amy. Favorite holiday pie...Marionberry,(picked from our garden last summer and frozen) with home-made French vanillia ice cream. Looking forward to seeing little grandkids smiles with "purple" teeth!

Hi Erin, Miss Amy is wonderful! My favorite fall/winter pie is pumpkin, otherwise, boysenberry -- don't see those around much any more, but as a treat when we were out shopping when I was a kid, my dad would take me to a pie shop and we'd have the best boysenberry pie. Yum! Nice memories! Thank you for the opportunity to win Miss Amy!

My favorite pie has to be Lemon Meringue, especially a nice tart lemon with mile high meringue! Miss Amy is one beautiful quilt.

Mine is pecan. A zillion calories worth. No, thank you, no ice cream or whipped cream. Watching my weight, you know.

My favorite pie in general is apple, but for holidays it's got to be pecan.

Beautiful pattern!

I'm NOT a pie person. I do like Dutch apple with that crumbly topping, but that's about it. I'd take a cheesecake over a pie any day. (Hopefully my MIL remembers for Thanksgiving.)

We don't have Thanksgiving here so it would have to be Christmas pudding.

my favorite pie is homemade apple pie. my family loves pumpkin pie but only from fresh pumpkin. wish i make almost every year. its some times hard to quilt from my sore and blistered hands. cutting and cooking pumpkin is not easy or fun. but my family loves it. thats the only pumpkin pie they will eat.

I loved the homemade mincemeat pie that my dear grandmother made.

Erin, I absolutely love how you treated the border. the sawtooth edge is very lovely with it all. Looking forward to the tute, too.
Favorite pie for this time of year...Probably homemade pecan with double amt of pecans and real heavy whipped cream for the top. (it makes a good breakfast, too)
My question is....how do you manage to applique so fast and keep it so beautiful? or am I just incredibly slow?

I tend to lean toward fall colors, so I'm loving your basket. I make a mean apple-cranberry pie with a little splash of brandy thrown in. I love it warm with a little bit of vanilla ice-cream, so yummy. This is one of my favorites.

What a beautiful block!! My favorite pie is Coconut cream but I don't get to have it because no one else likes it and I don't want to eat an entire pie

ps...forgot to add that I like the additional red flowers. It made a big difference to Miss Amy.

That is such a pretty pattern and I love the colours too. I'm not a great fan of pies, but I discovered a good gluten free pastry recipe last year and so was able to have mince pies last Christmas for the first time for years. I don't like mince pies much either, but it was good to be able to join in with everybody else!

Another perfect quilt!
My favorite holiday pie is the one I make for Father's Day. Fresh strawberry. The way I make it brings applause. I always say that pie is the reason God made strawberries.

This is a wonderful block! I just love it. I can't wait to learn how you made the sawtooth borders.
Favorite pie....hummm I don't really know if I have one for thanksgiving time, I usually just have the pumpkin cause its only available during this time of year. But over all, my FaVoRiTe pie EVER is peach.

Erin I ordered it 2 days ago so I hope I win. My favorite pie is all berries

What a beautiful quilt. this one is going on my to do list. I love love love orange fabric!.

I f I had to pick a favorite pie it would be warm apple pie with vanilla ice cream,. I have never met a pie I didn't like.

Beautiful pattern- as usual! My favorite holiday pie is pumpkin- but my favorite every day pie is blueberry-vanilla ice cream on top would be an added bonus!

My all time favorite is Black Bottom Pie, which my wonderful husband makes for us every Christmas.

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