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Some how I missed block 12 and now I can't find the link?
Please help.
Linda C

block 12 coming mid december, you didn't miss a thing

You are a smart cookie! I love that periwinkle blue

Going to be beautiful. Love the blue and pink.

I am so pumped up about this BOM for 2012!

Love the colors for this BOM, especially the great blue! Good trick to know. I have used it once before, too, and it works well. Better than lining the white fabric.
And I love to use the wavy flower, easier to applique than sharp inset points.
Looking forward to this BOM.
And looking forward to block 12 of My Tweets. I just adore those little purple birds!

I pre-stitch all of my applique items before adding to the background. Makes the project a bit more portable for me.

Next year's BOM looks fantastic. Thank you for doing these BOMs for us.

Oh I just love that wavy flower and the way that periwinkle and the pinks just sing together! I too have used the cut away technique, especially when I have had lots of layers of appliqué.

Lovely craft which you share above. I really very impressed by that. Every thing looking awesome. I am so excited for make it.

You have share wonderful craft idea. It's easy to make and really impressive. Color combination is also good it's little bit difficult for me but I like it.

This blog is very nice. Every thing is just fantastic. I impressed by that.. Every thing is just fantastic. I appreciate of our work. Every thing is just awesome...

This blue craft is looking fabulous. It is very impressive and attractive craft for me. I appreciate of our work. Every thing is just awesome...

This blog makes me realize the energy of words and pictures. It's very beneficial for me, Thank you for sharing!

Go for someone who makes you smile because it takes only a smile to make a dark day seem bright....lol.

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