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We don't have daylight savings here but extra hours in the day would be good! Pity it doesn't add hours rather than just moving them around!

I hate daylight savings with a passion. We had to endure it for a while then we got the chance to vote to see if we wanted or not. Having 45 degrees during the day and continuing into the evening is not fun. Congrats on your block being in the book. Thanks for the chance to win a copy.
Happy days.

I like the end of Daylight savings. I didn't when I was a child though. It gives me an extra hour to go look at the Pretty Christmas Lights... Thanks for a chance to win this magazine.

Well I usually love the end of Daylight savings. Here, 'down under', it happens around my birthday and often used to fall on the Saturday night that I'd have my birthday party. This of course meant that I got an extra hour of birthday party!

We're experiencing the beginning of daylight savings here but can't say I've formed an opinion either way. I wake up when the baby does and she has her own clock anyway!

Congrats on having your block selected for the magazine!

I never really thought about it. The only thing I like is to have one more hour to rest at the changing date.
Your block is again very beautiful!

Hi Erin, how fun to find you in the 100 Blocks, Congrats! Ive been working on your tweet quilt, and this is a fun project too. Thanks for the chance to win a copy.
I dont really care one way or the other about Daylight savings, just wish we would put it either on or off. I dont like the chance 2x a year.

I find the darker evenings early mean that I only feel comfortable doing hand piecing rather than working at the sewing machine.

I didn't think I cared until yesterday morning and I got up in the dark and it got dark sooooo early that I felt like I hardly had daylight at all!!!! I guess I'll get used to it.....probably.

Dark evenings give moore time for handycraft. Hugs Jofrid

I love the start of summer and the fact that the days are longer. But I love the cold winter nights for crafting.
Congratulation on your block being included in the book.

The nights have been so cool that I have been taking advantage and walking. Erin, did you receive my comment on your giveaway?
I wanted to know if you are going to publish the pumpkin pattern?

I'm mostly indifferent to daylight savings time . But the year my son was born, I was in labor when we turned the clocks back and the "extra" hour of labor was not appreciated! HaHa!

Love or hate the end of Daylight Savings.....

That's hard to answer.........I Love feeling like I can sleep in late........but then I hate how it throws my sleep all off.............

I love waking to it being light outside .......but hate it being dark when I get home from work........

So as you can see .......that question is hard to answer.......


I'm a morning person, so it's great to have daylight savings over for another year. Love your block. Thanks for the chance to win.

I sooooooo love applique and your block is gorgeous! I'll have to check out the method you use. I like the end of daylight savings because I like to come home from work and get cozy and put on comfy jammies. Somehow that just doesn't seem right when it's still light outside! Now that it's dark early...perfect!

Congratulations, it must feel wonderful seeing your ideas in print!

Daylight saving...no we have never liked it. Our bodies must have a natural clock for the seasons and then our governments keep changing it, and we find it plain tiring. Also when the children were little it was hard to keep them in bed because it was still light.

Thank you for a chance.

Oh I love your block! Gorgeous colours as well. As we've been living here in Asia for the past 25 years, we haven't experienced daylight saving for a long time.

I adore the end of DST! It's kind of scary walking the dogs in the dark - yesterday I took each dog for his/her own walk!

And come the change to Standard time, I'll be thrilled to be able to sit on the deck after the office.

Love your block!

LOVE IT!!! Cannot tell you how much I hate Daylight Savings Time. I love this time. It just feels slower.

I love it in the fall when we get another hour of sleep, but not so much in the spring!!!

Daylight savings time is terrible!! I hate it. Just about the time I get use to the time being one way it is time to change it again and I have to get use to it all over again. ARGGGGG it is an never ending thing! I with that time would stay one way or another. PLEASE just leave it be!! he he Great job on the block!

I love your block!

I hate the time change Period! The adjustment takes me two weeks and my cat refused to adjust - she has one time schedule for a whole year. I wish it could be that way for me.

I wish they would leave the time alone. Better for everyone that way and less confusing and tiring. Love the block - congrat to you and thanks!

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